Laser Hair Growth: What It Is, Types, and Best Option To Adopt

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Does a laser hair growth device work? Seeing significant results takes months, if not years. That’s where patient and consistent device use needs to be observed. In some people, new follicles spring faster for fuller hair, whereas in others, retard growth. You need to know that the root cause of your hair loss can also account for a slow regrowth cycle a. Do not give up too soon for those already using a laser device if you haven’t seen changes. A study published by Karger journal concludes that low-level laser therapy LLLT works for treating pattern hair loss in both men and women. The study also says laser therapy is safe with minor effects. However, correct usage and caution are strict. Given various promising studies, this article will enlighten you on laser hair growth devices and whether it’s something to try or not.

Laser Hair Growth : What It Is, Types, and Best Option To Adopt
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Pattern hair loss

There are different forms of hair loss, such as baldness, receding, etc. But androgenetic alopecia (AGA) is the most common pattern of hair loss. Its prevalence increases with age. In a male, AGA is referred to as male pattern hair loss (MPHL), while in a female, it is called female pattern hair loss (FPHL). A study found that 73.5 percent of men and 53 percent of women over age 80 suffered from this hair loss condition b. The study has given us insight into a class of people, but many younger people below this age have suffered negatively from hair loss. Why? Hair adds to one beauty, and its absence diminishes people’s appearance. Some publication reports that people suffering from hair loss face a stressful moment of the flaw and its negative image—some even battle with low self-esteem and self-confidence. Besides, the low social worth it causes would make someone opt for laser therapy but is it worth it? Read on.

What is laser hair treatment? 

The treatment involves using a low-level laser therapy device that releases photons (either red or cold laser light) into the scalp to stimulate weak hair cells to regrow c

The procedure is widely accepted because it is not invasive, tolerable, and safe compared to a hair transplant. It is cheaper as you can buy a hair regrowth device for use at the convenience of home. 

Benefits of laser hair growth

Considering the side effect and other social worth drawbacks discussed earlier, laser therapy guarantee the following:

  • Fuller hair to make you look younger
  • Boldly walk around with your natural hair without covering it
  • It saves the cost of fixing artificial hair all the time
  • Apply treatment at home anytime, eliminating special appointments with a hair specialist
  • Cheaper than hair transplant surgery 

Types of laser hair growth devices

If you plan to buy a laser follicle growth device, be informed that different types vary in size and shape. Some may fancy wearing it outdoors without anyone knowing it’s a laser treatment machine, while comb and helmet designs favor indoor use. Consequently, the price could influence your budget when eyeing a beautiful design like the cap. Therefore, understanding the various types as discussed below would enlighten you on which style is convenient as regards daily tasks, comfort, and price (the amount you can part with)

1. Laser hair growth helmet:

Typically the design looks like the regular helmet used by engineers, but fancier, portable, and padding offers comfort. The helmet interior is infused with laser bulbs, and these bulbs are mainly located at the front side to release light therapy on the scalp for hair growth and loss prevention. The iRestore professional is an example of a laser helmet.


  • Durable
  • It covers the whole head properly
  • Wireless design (battery operated) 


  • Heavy and bulky
  • Best for indoor use
  • Recharging of battery

2. Laser hair growth cap

This cap is installed with a low-level light therapy bulb (either laser or infrared light) and is proven to promote hair regrowth d. Like the standard cap, you can wear it both outdoor and indoors.


  • It can be adjusted to fit any head size
  • Innovative design can be wear to anywhere. Be it office (workplace) and at home
  • Very comfortable wearing 


  • A laser cap is relatively expensive compared to other hair growth treatment devices. 
  • If not handled with care, it can easily damage (ensure not to place anything on it and store it away where kids can’t play with it.
  • The battery needs to be recharged as well.

3. Laser hair growth comb

This is different from the regular comb as it features a laser bulb. Laser combs are curve-like in shape to enable you to wear them over your head like you’re wearing a music headset. The design cannot cover your entire hair. Hence you can wear the laser comb on the areas where hair needs restoring until you cover the desired location. 


  • Portable
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor
  • Laser lights being released reaches the hair root (scalp) for better and faster result.


  • Requires plenty of time if you want to cover your entire hair.

How To use a laser hair growth device

Before talking about how to use it, do you have a laser hair device? If yes, that’s cool, but if not, then you need to get one. If you can pick a good product, usage is not complex. 

Most important note;

For beginners, read through the manual and follow the setup instructions. If it is a rechargeable model, ensure to recharge the battery until it gets filled before you start using the device, unless yours is the Type that requires plugging into an electrical socket. 

Also, take note of the time interval the treatment should be used per time. Some manufacturers said 15 or 30 minutes daily. However, this is not a problem; it is written in the user manual. 

To answer how to use a laser device, simply turn on the device for the bulb to start releasing light and wear it. 

  • Caution: Do not look at the light rays for long. Laser lights are not suitable for the eyes.

How to pick the best laser hair device

As you must have read earlier, there are three available options: the helmet, cap, and comb design. The pros and cons of the various types were enumerated earlier and should influence your decision on which is best for you.

If you like to treat your hair as you go about your business without anyone noticing, a laser cap is a right choice. But, very expensive and require delicate handling for it to last long.

A laser comb is also an alternative for outdoor treatment, depending on how stunning the design for a particular product is.

Otherwise, the helmet design is more durable for home use but can be heavy. Check the weight of the unit before buying. Nevertheless, the following things are the exclusive list for choosing the best:

1. Consider the Type of light.

There are tons of hair reversing treatment devices installed with laser or led lights on the market.

Therefore, it is reasonable to understand that units with an LED light feature a group of light of the same wavelength. In other words, it consists of different colors of light, including red lights. Whereas a laser device release only a single light ray (mono wavelength). 

Which is better of the two?

Unit with led lights means you are using a wide range of light which is difficult to choose a wavelength, but with a laser device, this is possible as you only have one kind of light with the wavelength specified. 

  • Take note; 650nm and 680 are the commonest laser wavelength for hair growing devices. 

More so, laser light has better hair growing strength than LED lights, and that’s why laser bulb is widely used for hair treatment. 

2. Number of installed bulb

The concentration of available bulbs present in a particular laser device determines how powerful the light intensifies the attention on the hair follicle to activate new hair faster. Therefore, the higher the number, the better but equally more money to spend. 

3. The laser bulb’s life span

Since laser bulbs can die after many uses, it is advised to get a device with a longer life span. For instance, a model featuring up to 20 000 sessions can last up to a hundred years of use, assuming you undergo three treatment sessions weekly. This way, you can’t avoid the cost of getting a new product. 

4. Size of the device

People find it challenging to buy the correct size laser device for hair. While the cap design can fit almost any head size but the helmet type may not as it lacks adjustability. So it is virtually impossible to know the exact size unless you know your head size. You can check online stores for the actual or close size with this measurement. If you are to shop from local stores, it’s possible to explore different units by wearing and checking your comfort level.

5. Power source

A wireless model can afford this desire for flexible treatment that allows moving around during sessions. If you decide to opt for a unit that requires plugging into an electrical outlet, this will restrict movement.

Though the wireless types let you move around, they can also be cumbersome due to the battery weight.

6. Pick a clinically tested product.

Many brands of laser products are out there promising an effective hair growth cycle. But mind you, do not be fooled; only clinically tested products guarantee results. Do not purchase untested products.

  • Does laser work for hair growth?

Yes, the treatment has worked for a lot of users. There are a lot of testimonials from verified users. Even clinically tested and proven to help in new hair formation.

  • Does laser cap really work?

Being laser helmets, combs, or caps all work, but the result differs for an individual, and this can result from how consistent it is being used and the history of one’s loss. Ensure you are getting a clinically approved laser cap

  • How long does laser hair growth treatment last?

Laser hair regrowth is permanent but keeps maintaining your hair with conditioning that won’t result in hair loss. Good hair shampoo will help. 

  • Is laser hair regrowth treatment safe?

No study has faulted its safety. There is a safe device.

In conclusion

This article aims to enlighten those looking forward to undergoing hair growth treatment using laser devices e. Everything you need to know has be detailed to guide you through identifying the best one from the different types of lasers.