Is a humidifier for pregnancy good? Suggestions   

For a pregnant woman, a humidifier is one home air improvement appliance to benefit you during pregnancy days, especially in the winter period or living in a region where the air feels constantly dry.  A humidifier will prevent many unpleasant symptoms such as cough, congestion, dry nose, dry skin, and others while protecting your unborn baby and you altogether. Learning the benefits of humidifiers for pregnancy will help you manage a healthy fetus, and this article aimed is to enlighten you on the importance.

Is a humidifier for pregnancy good

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Let’s quickly see some of the best humidifiers our editorial team recommends for pregnant women:

Are humidifiers good for pregnancy?

Pregnancy is an exciting moment for every expectant mom-to-be or already existing mother, but the symptoms can be discomforting. Adding dry air to it becomes life-threatening. 

Here are some tell signs for a pregnant woman to know she needs a humidifier running in their home:

  • Overly dry air.
  • Difficult breathe. 
  • Feeling of dust. 
  • Body itching. 
  • Cough and dry nasal passages. 
  • A dry eye, skin, hair, and chapped lips. 

Some of the above issues can also result from medical conditions. But often, these problems are more notable in low humidity prone areas, so adding a humidifier to your room is of high value. 

Before looking at the benefits of humidifiers for pregnant women, let us quickly share with you a survey in Korean on humidifier use for pregnant women. 

A study by Environ Health Toxicol in 2012 demonstrates the use of humidifiers among sampled Korean pregnant women. 

The result of the study reports that 28.2% of pregnant women use a humidifier and the average usage time is 7.3hrs per day and 5-days per week. Additionally, that pregnant women’s educational level and incomes contribute to the high rate of humidifier use. 

Furthermore, the monthly trend analysis informs that the winter season shows a surge in usage rate of over 45% while a reduced use in the summer with 12 %. 

The research concludes that pregnant women are vulnerable to environmental factors and risks to their health and the baby. However, living in an ideal humidity atmosphere instead of dry air can help symptoms. But additional research is still needed to explain the itinerary and effect of environmental risks factor.    

What are the benefits of humidifier for pregnant women?

  • Help to maintain healthy indoor humidity levels

Women in their pregnancy cycle are more vulnerable to low humidity. Adding a humidifier to the bedroom can help them stay healthy and to ease rhinitis symptoms. 

According to EPA, the correct humidity level should be between 30 and 50 %, while a high level may require dehumidification. 

  • Moisturizes your skin   

Dry air can dry out pregnant women’s skin, exposing them to skin diseases like eczema. Sometimes, you may even feel itchy skin.

Adding moisture via humidifier and correct can moisturize your skin and leaves you glowing and mild. The moistness would also reduce chapped lips, dry and irritating eyes, and maintain hair integrity.  

  • Improves sleep quality 

Snoring is a common issue among pregnant women. Snoring in pregnancy occurs as a result of dry air that irritates your throat and nasal airways. 

Placing a humidifier in your room can significantly reduce snoring, which helps improves sleeps quality. For symptoms of congestion at night, a warm mist humidifier can enhance the effect. 

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  • Reduces nose bleeds 

Runny nose and nasal congestion are common pregnancy rhinitis symptoms. These upper airway conditions can worsen when your home air is dry. 

The reason is that when your body is dry, it won’t produce enough mucous to hydrate the linen membrane. This can leads to dry sinus, which may result in a bleeding nose. 

However, maintaining the ideal humidity with a humidifier can help relieve this entire nuisance as it helps keep the air passages moist. It also prevents foreign agent entrance into your breathing organ from attacking your baby.    

What type of humidifier is good for pregnancy?

There are two kinds, such as warm and cool mists humidifiers. Your choice is a matter of preference. We’ve explained each of them to enable you to decide which you think is best.

Warm mist humidifiers

This type boils water, destroying germs before distributing the output. The mist it releases is considered highly safe and healthy due to the heating process that kills germs.

On the hand, occasionally, the hotter mist it releases can cause burns. Additionally, warm mist units consume more energy and may increase your monthly tariff.

Cool mist humidifiers

Ultrasonic or evaporative humidifiers are also known as cool mist units. They don’t heat the water, use vibration frequency, or an evaporative process to emit mist, depending on the type.

If you want to add moisture to a larger space, a cool mists humidifier is better and is friendly around kids.

You’ll pay less on electricity but spend more on buying distilled water because using ordinary tap water can lead to white dust settling in the home.

In addition, cool mist types require high maintenance, unlike their warm mists counterparts.

Humidifiers risks during pregnancy

Running a humidifier in pregnancy involve caution to avoid the consequences of it. Things to do and not to do below.

  • Excessive Humidity

Adding moisture to the air is good for pregnancy, but excessive levels can result in allergens such as molds, mildews and germs. The black mold is dangerous and could harm your fetus. 

Pregnant women should maintain optimal humidity levels that discourage these things we mention. 

Purchasing a humidifier with a humidistat is best as it can help monitor moisture level and kick start or stop working when ideal humidity for your space is okay.  

A pregnant women already having humidifier that has no humidistat function; she can get a hygrometer, this tool will let her take the humidity reading. So doing, you won’t be living in too humid indoors. 

  • Dirty humidifiers 

Pregnancy can make women tired and lazy, finding it hard to do anything, but if you must use a humidifier, cleaning is an essential aspect requiring attention. 

Dirty humidifier tanks can adversely promote bacteria, molds, and mildew, and when these things enter into the air results in health problems that can affect your pregnancy. 

You can clean the device once weekly with mild warm vinegar solution. Also, replace filters monthly. 

For adequate cleaning, follow the user manual, manufacturer clearly states the procedure for cleaning their humidifiers.   

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5 of the best humidifiers for pregnant women

Best portable: Vicks Mini

Every pregnant woman will like this Vicks mini humidifier. The portable design is lightweight and easy to lift and reposition anywhere in the room. 

Its small size makes it a perfect choice for living rooms, bedrooms, dorms, and baby nurseries. 

The filter-less design reduces the stress of washing and eliminates the cost of filter replacement. 

Additionally, the humidifier is compatible with Vicks VapoPads, a way to help relieve cough and congestion during pregnancy. 

Most relevant, Vicks mini shut-off once the tank gets empty to protect the device from damage. 

Vicks Mini

The Vicks has received up to 4.6 out of 5 stars. And up to 8k customer reviews.   

Features at Glance 

  • Vicks vapor pads 
  • Filter-less design 
  • ½ gallon capacity 
  • Up to 24 hrs runtime 

Pros and Cons 

This humidifier fits a tight room or office desk. It has a lightweight design, easy to use, and is clean. However, it is not ideal for big size rooms.  

Best for design: Crane Ultrasonic

This humidifier is also similar to the previous product in size; however, this one tank size is large. 

The manufacturer reports that the 4.5-liter tank can last the humidifier for 24hrs run time and effectively humidify up to 500 square feet of coverage. 

Additionally, the company says it whispers, thus ideal for light sleepers. As such, pregnant women will like it for a quiet sleep.    

It is easy to use and maintain, with no stubborn filter to clean or replace. 

Crane Ultrasonic

The crane has gotten 4.5 out of 5 stars and up to 16k customer reviews. 

Features at glance 

  • 4.5 liter
  • 24hrs runtime 
  • 500 sq. ft. coverage 
  • 360-degree nozzle 
  • Variable speed settings 

Pros and Cons 

It is a perfect choice for women living in a small apartment, quiet operation, and is easy to clean. 

On the other hand, no remote control, and don’t support essential oil combinations. 

Best for healthy mist: Honeywell UV technology

This humidifier works using the evaporation process to release invisible moisture. 

It is equipped with UV technology which help kills germs in water, and wicking filters capture debris to give a healthy mist.

The Honeywell boasts of 1.1-gallon water tank capacity for 24hrs operations and is for medium-sized rooms. 

People can set the desired humidity level using the comfort setting, and the humidifier will turn off when the level reaches. 

This humidifier has 4.4 out of 5 stars and up to 12k customer reviews.

 Honeywell UV technology

Features at Glance 

  • 1.1-gallon tank
  • UV technology 
  • User manual 
  • Auto-shut-off 
  • 24hr operation 
  • For medium-size room 
  • Dishwasher safe 
  • Break resistant 

Pros and Cons 

UV technology kills germs which will benefit pregnant women. The operation noise level is friendly and easy to clean. The company provides a 3-year limited warranty for this product. 

Nevertheless, we could not find any information about the auto-shut-off function when compiling this report. More so, no remote control, and do not support essential oil. 

Best for large rooms: LEVOIT Humidifier

Every pregnant woman loves convenience, which this product offers with mobile app control. With this feature, mothers can operate the device right from their bed, without standing.

Furthermore, this humidifier is for large rooms of size 500 square feet. With its six-liter tank, this appliance will run for 60hrs and turns off when the water tank gets low. 

Its 360-degree nozzle ensures a wide spread of moisture. Additionally, the device runs with ultra quiet sound, and people can also add essential oil into the tray feature for added smoothening.

The Levoit has received 4.6 out of 5 stars with customer reviews up to 17k. 

LEVOIT Humidifier

Features at Glance 

  • App control
  • 6-liter tank
  • Night light
  • Ideal for 500 sq. ft
  • Up to 60 hrs operation 
  • Automatic shut-off 
  • Essential oil tray 

Pros and Cons

It is ETL certified as a safe and reliable appliance. The large tank capacity eliminates frequent adding of water, and the top tank opening makes it easy to clean. 

The only negative is that big-size, pregnant women who don’t like load shouldn’t consider it. 

Best affordable: MZTDYTL vaporizer humidifier

This universal color humidifier will complement any home setting, especially perfect for living space or office. 

For cost savings, the manufacturer designs it without a filter in its operation. So, people won’t need to worry about the cost of replacing filters every month. 

This humidifier has a three-liter tank and runs for 24rs. Additionally, the device is ideal for coverage not exceeding 350 sq. ft.  

It is safe to use; the waterless auto-shut-off stops the device when the water level is low. 

MZTDYTL vaporizer humidifier

Overall, this humidifier got its reputation among users and has received 4.0 out of 5 stars and up to 800 user reviews.  

 Features at Glance 

  • Top fill
  • Quiet operation 
  • 3 liters tank 
  • 24hrs operation 
  • Adjustable mist nozzle 
  • Essential oil tray 

Pros and Cons 

Reviewers reports they love the compact design; it is quiet and good value for the money. 

Some complain that they need to clean the device often. A user said the unit runs only 4 hrs on high speed instead of 8hrs. 

5 best humidifiers for pregnant women comparison chart

Vicks Mini

Crane Ultrasonic

Honeywell UV technology

LEVOIT Humidifier

MZTDYTL vaporizer humidifier

TypeCool mistCool mistCool mistCool mistCool mist
Coverage N/A500 sq. ft.N/A500 sq. ft.359 sq. ft.
Tank size 0.5 gallon4.5 liters1.1 gallon6 liters3 liters
Runtime24 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs 60 hrs 24 hrs


From the research studies we reviewed and other works checked, no work has claimed that humidifiers are not good for pregnancy.

Running a humidifier helps ease dry skin symptoms, maintain ideal humidity levels, and improve sleep quality by reducing snoring in pregnant women. It also lessens nose bleeds. Overall, women can sleep better during pregnancy by running a humidifier correctly with adequate maintenance.