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Humidifier for Dry Eyes: How Helpful It is? Or Do they help?

Lack of moisture in your eyes is a symptom of dry eyes. This condition occurs when your eyesight cannot produce enough water to keep it moist. Other susceptible signs include itchy, blur vision, soreness, red eyes, and the likes of all others. If you are experiencing this condition, using a humidifier for dry eyes is one treatment option.

Regardless of the climate condition (weather), a healthy eye is supposed to produce tears to protect the eye surface from germs and help you maintain clear sight. On the norm, when you blink your eyelids, a functioning eyelid is supposed to produce tears serving as a lubricant to the eyes.

Besides climatic or environmental situations that can result in dry eyes, aging, medical history, wearing contact lenses, and using certain medication can also cause it.    

This publication will enlighten you on dry eyes condition and how a humidifier can be of help. Before taking you further into the explanation, let’s quickly see some of the best dry eyes humidifiers and their features.

Top 5 Best Humidifier For Dry Eyes

1. Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

As long as humidifiers for dry eyes are concerned, this Everlasting Comfort is one of the top notches among users. It has got up to 50k amazon reviewers, meaning it’s the talk of the town.

According to the manufacturer, it can cover a large area of up to 500 square feet. This cool mist humidifier doubles as a vaporizer for nurseries, babies, and kids. 

The unpleasant dry air that causes your eyes to be dehydrated will no longer be a problem as you run this humidifier in the room. It has a 6liter tank that guarantees up to 50 hours of operation.

This pick is compatible with the use of essential oil to fragrance your room air. 

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  • Filterless design 
  • Automatic shut-off 
  • Super quiet operation
  • Humidity customization 
  • A large tank keeps the unit running for more than 24 hrs. 


2. Levoit Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

This humidifier from Levoit is designed to deliver both cool and warm mists. This mist option is unavailable in the Everlasting Comfort humidifier as it can only provide cool mist. Hence, the Levoit is for all round the years use. Either summer or winter, you can operate this device depending on the prevailing climate. 

This humidifier has a convenient remote control, allowing you to operate the Levoit anywhere in your room. With its 6-tank capacity, this dual mist humidifier will run for up to 50 hours before the subsequent refilling.  

The smart humidity sensors automatically-adjust humidity levels for the best comfort., so you don’t need to bother with manual adjustment.  

Reviewers on amazon rated the Levoit cool and warm mist humidifier 4.5 out of 5 stars, which indicates its dependability. 

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  • Remote control
  • Use with essential oil 
  • Mineral absorption pad 
  • No filter to replace or clean 


  • Bulky size
  • It is over $100 
  • Running the warm mist mode increases energy bills 

3. Lendonti Ultrasonic Cool & Warm Mist Air Humidifier

This Lendonti humidifier function is closer to the Levoit because both devices can provide cool and warm mist options. Any of these mists’ forms is good for lubricating dry eyes.  

The Lendonti supports a Wi-Fi connection, and this will let you operate it directly from your smartphone. Otherwise, use the remote control that comes with it. 

This humidifier is perfect for home and office use to eliminate dry air. The precise coverage space is 300 square feet. 

Comparing it with the previous humidifiers, the Lendonti has the lowest decibel noise of less than 30 dB, making it an excellent choice for night sleep.

Its 360-degree nozzle ensures a wide spread of humidity, and three speeding settings are available to programmed the rate of mist distribution.  

The top wide tank opening allows easy filling and cleaning (lift the tank out of the parent body when you want to clean it). 


  • Built-in oil diffuser 
  • Ultra-quiet operation 
  • Smart humidity control 
  • Wi-Fi to mobile connection 
  • Easy refill and clean top opening tank design 


  • 4-liter tank size 
  • Filter replacement 
  • According to the manufacturer, only distilled water should be used for it 

4. Honeywell Cool Mist

This Honeywell humidifier is built to deliver cool mist. It’s perfect if you want to raise indoor humidity in small, medium-sized rooms. 

Raising indoor humidity between 40 – 60 percent with this device is a sure way to relieve dry eyes, congestion, and cough and keep your throat and nasal airways hydrated. 

The Honeywell has three-speed settings customizations, allowing you to adjust moisture output and sound level. 

While most ultrasonic humidifiers release white dust, the Honeywell wicking filter helps captures white dust from being released into the air. 

Amazon reviewers are amazed at how this device works in hydrating dry air, which used to be a concern. This pick, they said, for its price is a great offer. 

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  • Good price 
  • Noiseless operation  
  • Handle for easy lifting to refill 


  • Not for bigger space 
  • It does not support essential oil use 
  • Filter needs replacement every few months 

4. Hupro Top Fill Cool Mist & Warm Mist Humidifier

The hupro is a top-fill humidifier. The wide opening makes this tank design effortless to add water and clean. 

Amazon reviewers love that they can quickly refill and wash the unit tank, unlike rival models that are complex to access. The tank is detachable with a convenient handle. 

The promising aspect of this humidifier – it runs quietly and delivers mist for up to 30 hours at a lower speed during 24 hours on high speed from its 4-liter reservoir capacity. It has a five-speed setting so you can regulate desired mist output. This pick is ideal for 400 sq. ft. coverage – say large bedrooms or equivalent enclosure. 

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  • Essential oil 
  • Auto shut-off 
  • Remote control 
  • Delivers both warm and cool mist ceramic filters do not need to be replaced


  • The budget 
  • Large size 
  • 110voltage, if you live outside the USA, use a step-up transfer for it. 

5. KONSIDEN Humidifiers for Bedroom

The Konsiden is a reliable humidifier for dry eye lubrication. It can operate for 40 hours in one refill of the 2.1-gallon tank capacity. The rotating mist nozzle ensures an even spread of humidity across your space. 

This floor-standing humidifier’s highest noise level is 36dB, which won’t disturb your sleep at night. Also, the quiet operation makes it ideal for baby or children’s rooms. 

It has an intelligent humidity sensor that detects humidity levels and responsively turn-on when there is a need to increase—otherwise, turn-off when an optimal level is reached. The timer setting is excellent for programming how long you want the humidifier to operate.    

The Konsiden slim design makes it the best pick for rooms with limited space. It can be positioned in the corner of your facility while protecting you from dry air.  

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  • Space-saving design
  • It has an aroma box 
  • Automatic humidity control 
  • No filter replacement cost to incur 
  • It displays the current room temperature 
  • Best humidifier for 500 square feet (sq. ft.) 


  • Not a popular brand 

Now that you have seen some of the humidifiers used for dry eyes let’s talk about what dry eyes means and other related things you must know.  

What Is Dry Eye?

According to Mayo Clinic, it is a state where the eyes cannot supply adequate tears to lubricate the eyes. When this happens, it can lead to inflammation or damage to the eye’s surface. 

Notwithstanding, when a humidifier releases mist into the air supplies the eyes lubrication. Drinking water regularly can also make the eyes retain their integrity.  

Note that regular eyes lubricant is vital as it helps:

  • Washout any foreign invaders from the eyes 
  • Reduces infection of the eyes 
  • It leaves you with a clear vision 

What Causes Dry Eyes? [1]

Scientifically, tears consist of three compounds such as water, mucus, and oil. When these things are not in proper proportion, it results to dry eyes. 

However, the adverse ecological macroclimate is a primary culprit, especially if you live in a dry climate or desert region. 

Summary of the causes:

  • Dry climate
  • Smoke [2] 
  • Running AC or heating 
  • Hormonal changes 
  • Inflation of the eyes 
  • Wearing contact lenses 
  • Staying on screen for a long duration  
  • Use of certain medication 

Side Effects of Having Dry Eyes

Anyone with dry eyes is liable to suffer any of the following peculiar symptoms:

  • Itchy eyes
  • Blur vision 
  • Sore eyes
  • Gritty feeling  
  • Red eyes
  • Over watery eyes
  • Sensitive to eyes 

Severe eye dehydration can affect health quality and vision. For this reason, you need to know why your home air feels dry. Let’s see this below. 

Why Is My Home or Room Air Dry? 

If it is not an environmental disorder (winter), your home heating system may be responsible for overly dry air in your house. 

Home heating dries up water in the atmosphere, making the surroundings feel dry, and this affects you, and home belonging begins to wear out. 

Therefore, it is wise to accurately know when and how to use your home heater to avoid air dryness. 

What Is The Right Humidity Level To Maintain?

Optimal humidity for indoors should be between 30 – 50 %. If on the lower side, your home will feel dry, while in the higher range, high humidity will result in molds and mildews [3]

With the aid of a hygrometer, you can gauge the humidity levels to moderate them appropriately.  

Nevertheless, if your home feels dry and you are facing a dry severe eye situation, you need to know what a humidifier can do for you. 

Can A Humidifier Help Dry Eyes? 

Since low humidity is the cause of dry air, releasing moisture into the atmosphere can be helpful. There are many natural methods, but a humidifier can fill up your surrounding in a few minutes. 

However, a survey targeting computer users suggests that humidifiers benefit these cohorts as their eyes are always dry due to the heavy use of screens. 

Though the study did not cover a large population, a humidifier was helpful to some of the subjects that were experiencing dry eyes,  

How To Buy The Right Humidifier?

There is some vital consideration before buying a humidifier, which is as follows:

  • Roo size: If you want the best result from humidifiers in treating dry eyes, consider using it in a room equal to the device coverage capacity. 
  • Size of the water tank: The larger the tank size, the more hours the device will last working delivering mists. If you intend to sleep through the night running a humidifier, look for a model that can operate up to 12 or 24 hours daily.  
  • Features: Check for humidistat, auto-shut-off, and timer settings. These are relevant functions that let you operate the humidifier conveniently without constantly monitoring it. 
  • Budget: Expensive ones have better quality features. Don’t spend much but look for the best price and good product.
  • Warranty: For peace of mind purchase, patronize a brand that offers the security of return, replacement, or servicing should case of unforeseen malfunctioning.     
How Long To Run The Humidifier? 

You can leave it to operate during the night. But for daytime, as long you are working on a computer system, straining your eyes, you can leave it to run throughout the working hours. 

However, when you notice the place is over saturating, reduce the speed or turn it off. Excessive humidity can lead to harmful black molds and other issues.

Other Treatment Options to Explore
  • OTC (over-the-counter) solution: If the condition is mild, applying eye drops can be helpful. Severe dry eyes may need further treatment.  
  • Massaging the eyes: A warm compress can lessen swelling.  
  • Eye drops: The use of eye drops can also help inflation. 
  • Using eye massagers: These are devices you can wear on the face to relax the eyes. Great for those staying in front of computers or screens every day. 
  • Supplement: Some people take a supplement to help in tear production. If you don’t know which one to take, speak with your healthcare provider. 


A humidifier may not be the solution if your dry eyes condition is beyond dry air. It is better to consult a doctor.