How To Stimulate Hair Growth For Effective Result

It’s general knowledge that hair is an integral part of the body that primarily defines your looks. In fact, since its part of the latest beauty trend, everybody sees it with great importance regardless of the color, length, and style.

How To Stimulate Hair Growth With Effective Result

What matters most, it should be healthy and good-looking. Even though it’s not easy to get that Rapunzel-like strands, anybody you see with healthy good looking hair has gone through a series of events to achieve that look. However, this shouldn’t make you freak out; multiple factors contribute to hair growth and loss. But one of the overlooked factors that lead to hair growth is physical stimulation; that massage that you often overlook is one of the best methods that have great value towards hair growth.

This article has got you covered, from lifestyle habits that influence hair growth to the hair growth circle and how to stimulate hair growth quickly. Continue reading to get a head start.

How Does Hair Grow?

Knowing how hair grows will not increase your hair length, but it will at least give you a head start. Hair doesn’t only give you a good appearance. Scientifically, it’s a means of transmitting sensory information and often a means of gender identification. Hair growth starts from fetal life; at week 22, the hair follicles have already developed, with about 5 million hair follicles all over the body and 1 million on the head. You will notice a decrease in the hair density as you grow because the scalp is expanding. There are 3 stages of hair growth such as anagen, catagen, and telogen.

  • Anagen: This is the first stage of the hair growth circle and an active phase. During this time, hair grows to about 1cm from the root every 28 days, and this phase lasts for 2-6 years.
  • Catagen: About 3% of hair is in this phase. It’s a transitional phase that lasts for 2-3 weeks, hair growth stops, and the outer root sheath shrinks and attaches to root hair forming a club hair.
  • Talogen: This stage is a resting phase that accounts for 6-8% of all strands and lasts for 100 days. Hairs on other body parts like lashes, legs, and arms also grow longer in this stage.

Impact Of Lifestyle On Hair Growth

You might be surprised that your lifestyle influences your hair growth. Diet, stress, pollution, and relatively toothache that you usually think is something minor affect your hair.

  • Hair product

Coupled with multiple hairdressing salons, a wide range of hair products is out there. But do you know some of these products contain harsh chemicals that threaten your hair? Some hairdressing salons and products can give you a nice look, but excessive usage can damage your hair.

  • Diet

We all are familiar with the popular saying “you are what you eat” this statement is true because what you eat doesn’t only define your health state but your hair appearance also. Eating junk food high in saturated fats or food lacking in certain vital vitamins can lead to multiple health problems and thus, affect your hair. The important message here is to ensure that you eat food that has all the necessary vitamins for good health. But you might be asking, what about dieting? Extreme or crash dieting can affect your health condition. This problem is more likely to affect females than males because females tend to reduce their calorie intake to achieve bodyweight and image. If you want to lose weight; it is best to choose a weight loss plan that will never affect your health.

  • Smoking

Apart from the range of health problems that smoking causes, a recent study shows the link between smoking and hair loss by affecting the blood flow to hair follicles. Your hair follicles require an adequate supply of blood carrying oxygen and nutrients to grow, but smoking disrupts the supply of this oxygen and nutrient, leading to hair loss. Another unpleasant effect of tobacco is that it also affects the immune system. This will allow viruses and bacteria to move freely in the body, access the hair follicle, and stop hair growth. The effect of smoking doesn’t stop there; it also causes premature aging leading to grey hair, and don’t forget grey hair is associated with hair loss.

  • Stress

Stress is a significant issue, especially in the western regions, everybody responds differently to stress, making it hard to diagnose and treat. Mild stress is even helpful to the body. The bigger problem is prolonged or intense stress that can affect your health. Stress can affect you physically and mentally, including your hair; maybe you have even seen someone with hair loss due to trauma.

  • Pollution

Pollution is an environmental factor that can disrupt your health. A recent study shows the link between Male baldness and pollution.

Furthermore, smoke and dust have become part of our homes, and we are yet to realize the threat they possess to our health. Dust triggers allergies and can also cause an itchy scalp. Some small measures such as wearing a hat can help prevent your hair from pollution.

How To Stimulate Hair Growth

You can achieve your desired hair in two steps; stimulating the hair to grow and maintaining its health. Below are some science-backed tips that help stimulate hair growth.

Clean the scalp: For successful hair growth, the first step is to start from the root. Don’t go for those harsh chemical products because they will damage your scalp; instead, opt for gentle or naturally made products. In addition, when washing the hair, use your hands and gently massage your scalp; this will increase blood flow to the scalp, relieve stress, and stimulate hair growth.

1. Take a hair growth supplement

Supplements like biotin and collagen are popularly known for their nutritional benefits to the body and for preventing hair loss. This is a win-win. These two vitamins contain a high amount of amino acids. Biotin is even one of the main active ingredients in many hair products so imagine taking it directly while collagen helps hair growth exactly how it helps the skin.

2. Protect the hair from physical damage

Protecting your hair from physical damage doesn’t necessarily increase your hair length but maintains the length you already have. This physical damage that can damage your hair include daily wear and tear, harsh brushing, or even a shower. While it is normal to lose some strands daily, having hair breakage caused by physical damage can obstruct your length goals. A few precautions to note are using soft hair ties because too tight a hairstyle can cause friction and pull and switching your hairstyle regularly. After all, repeating the same hairstyle can also damage your hair. Also, how you brush your hair can influence your hair growth, so always brush from the tips.

3. Moisturize it

Hair is often the driest part of your body, so if you are on the journey of growing your hair, you need to keep it hydrated, especially if your hair texture is naturally dry. Nevertheless, to keep your hair moisturized, a conditioner can do the tricks if the hair is soft, but you may need weekly hydrating hair masks and oil treatments if the surface is rough.

4. Use antioxidants

Many people experience hair loss and thinning as they get older, such as a natural occurrence, but do you know that antioxidants can reduce hair loss? Adding foods high in antioxidants to your daily diet can do the trick here. You can also use tropical antioxidants in the form of hair oils, serum, or spray.

5. Use protective hairstyles

Naturally, a tight hairstyle causes discomfort. If your hair is the naturally textured type, you need to wear a protective hairstyle from time to time.

6. Don’t overheat your hair

Blowing your hair and strengthening it with hot tools will make it look attractive, but excessive usage of these hot tools can cause damage to the hair by reducing the moisture content. If you must use a hot tool, ensure to use heat protection.

7. Get regular trims

Many hair specialists have supported the claim that trimming hair often can help stimulate hair growth because it keeps hair breakage at bay. Naturally, without breakage, there will be an increase.

8. Use laser growth device

Laser treatment is one of the clinically proven and tested procedures that yielded results. This treatment involves using laser hair growth system, and the device is to be worn on your head. Most manufacturers recommend three times use weekly and for the next six months to start seeing visible results. The systems come in different construction, such as the caphelmetcomb, and band design. Any of the models are helpful depending on preference and budget.

The Takeaway

Stimulating hair growth can sometimes look challenging, but this is just from an external perspective. There are many ways to achieve your dream hair. You can start by maintaining personal hygiene with regular practices like taking supplements and antioxidants, wearing hair protection and knowing how the hair grows, and understanding the impact of lifestyle on hair growth.

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