Hairmax Laser Comb for Hair Growth: What are Customers Saying? 

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When exploring treatment hair growth, a hairmax laser comb is one of the likely options you’ll find. The profiled comb design is suitable for women looking forward to regrowing their hair, though men can as well use it. Unlike the helmet and cap prototypical, which require wearing on your head, this hairmax can be applied by using it to comb your hair and has proven to be an effective tool for regrowth. Nevertheless, laser treatment is noninvasive compared to the hair transport (surgery) method. Our previous article will educate you about laser treatment devices, the different types, benefits, pros, cons, and more. If you can read the article, you’ll understand the dos and don’t’ of using a laser growth device. Nevertheless, proceeding in this discussion is the features of the hairmax comb as listed below:

Hairmax Laser Comb for Hair Growth: What are Customers Saying? 
  • Cordless 
  • Easy to use 
  • Rechargeable 
  • Lightweight design 
  • 12 medical-grade lasers 
  • Two-year warranty 
  • Ideal for thinning hair 
  • User manual start guide 
  • 11 minutes treatment session and three times per week 

The Hairmax Ultima 12 Laser Comb Description 

The hairmax comb is of two models, the older version (ultima 9) and the latest (ultima 12), discussed in this feature. Therefore, do not mistake each of them as they look similar in design. The Ultima 12, the newest upgrade, has 12 laser lights, while the first generation has nine medical lasers. Though both are FDA cleared for male and female use, the treatment time differs. The manufacturer said the ultima 12 should be used for 8 minutes per day and three days per week, while the ultima 9 is 11 minutes daily and three days weekly. However, the overall treatment plan while using the hairmax comb should cover six months.  

Why Choose Hairmax Comb?

It is not just an ordinary comb but has lasers light and is clinically proven (tested on subjects) and found to increase hair volume and thickness in different studies. If you’re experiencing thinning hair, the hairmax comb will help restore the growth cycle. Also, it is safe for men and women applications, and how often to use this comb should be based on the user manual as said earlier; 3 times per week. Everyday use is prohibited; follow the rule of thumb as regards usage. 

Its lightweight design favors simple operation and loads free. You can take it anywhere—an excellent option for travelers who love to apply hair growth treatment while on the journey. The cordless design uses a rechargeable battery, eliminating wire cluttering and movement restriction.  

Who Recommends It?

Various studies cleared it to be safe as a hair growth treatment appliance. It is also articled in top medical journals to help stimulate follicles. Even consumer reports have featured it in their publication. It’s also a full-rated product on eBay and among users, even on amazon prime. 

How Many Years Warranty Backup?

The hairmax laser comb comes with two years to secure your purchase, and that’s a mark of quality and assurance. 

What Are Customers Saying?  

“Sasha Meyer says” “great products” and “easy to use and things are going on well; looking forward to seeing results as I’ve just begun my treatment but hopefully, positive vibes.” 

Morgy says, “Her hair loss daily is getting worst, and she discovered that she would probably need a laser light treatment to restore the anomaly, and it worked.”

It seems to be working, says “Naomi K.” I gifted this to my sister on Christmas because her hair is thin and I am a hairdresser. I wanted to help her. However, she used it consistently, and her hair is getting denser, and I can conclude it’s working. 

Jo Caldwell said, “I see lesser hair fall when I’m bathing after a few days of using the hairmax product. I was grateful to have found this product because I was worried about getting bald at such a young age but finally got the solution”. 

“I have used the hairmax in the past, so I know it works. Though I lost my device, I’ve gotten a new one,” says “M.wilson.” 

We believe that knowing customers’ opinions will be helpful, and that’s why we included some of the sampled users for you to read. There are thousands of other users’ reviews; we can’t reference all.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How often should I use a laser comb?

It is meant for use three times a week and the next 24 weeks. It is best to have a treatment plan that’ll be convenient for you. Ensure to be consistent using the device if you want to see the result. You have to be patient as hair growing treatment requires time. Therefore, we do not recommend it for anyone looking for instant hair growth.

  • Are laser combs safe?

Clinically tested and FDA-cleared units are safe but remember, nothing can be 100%. On the user manual, check the dos and don’ts as this would help maintain a sense of safety during treatment.

  • Can I use a laser comb every day?

No, three days a week is the standard procedure. Consult the instruction booklet of your device; this information is available inside. 

In conclusion, 

A laser comb is a device designed to promote hair growth. It has laser diodes and a battery. Also, it’s a handheld device. You can apply it by combing the areas you want hair growing. A laser comb is ideal for those with thinning hair. The hairmax ultima, as seen in this discussion, is the best option. It’s also affordable compared to the irestore