Does Onion Shampoo Help Hair Growth? The Truth about It

In the olden days, people extract onion oil and juice to solve multiple health problems. Since onion has a lot of health benefits, you might be wondering, does onion shampoo help hair growth?

Amazingly, onion, a readily available kitchen spice popularly known for its pungent smell, has other benefits besides adding delicious flavor to your food. It might sound surprising, but onion shampoo is one of the best solutions for hair problems. Research has proved that onion shampoo improves hair growth and reduces hair thinning, hair loss, and brittle.

Does Onion Shampoo Help Hair Growth ? The Truth about It

Hair loss has become an issue that every human doesn’t want to encounter, but when luck is not by their side, some people experience problems with their hair. Many things can cause hair loss, including the hereditary condition called androgenetic alopecia, the side effect of some medication, or hormonal imbalance. But all thanks to the advancement in the beauty industry, multiple products are made to tackle this issue, and one of them is onion shampoo.

This article contains the hair-enhancing properties of onion, the benefits of its shampoo, how to use it, the best onion shampoo to purchase, and whether it has side effects. Keep reading to know more.

Properties of Onion

Onions contain nutrients that help nourish hair follicles, thus increasing the hair volume, improving its strength, and making it shinier. So without further delay, let’s take a closer look at the properties of the onions. 

  • Onions contain dietary sulfur: One of the theories that proved how onions help hair growth is that they contain dietary sulfur, a mineral the body needs to produce adequate enzymes and proteins. This sulfur is also found in keratin, one of the important components of hair. Sulfur provides sufficient nourishment to your hair, thus increasing its growing pace. 
  • Onions contain anti-microbial properties: The anti-microbial properties of onions help fight infection and inflammation because, in many cases, scalp infection affects hair production, which might lead to hair loss, so having a healthy scalp will give room for healthy hair follicles to develop. 
  • It Contains Antioxidants: The antioxidants properties of onion help protect the body from free radicals. These free radicals are believed to fasten aging processes that lead to hair thinning and hair loss. And protecting the body from these free radicals will decrease hair loss and damage hair follicles entirely. 

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Benefits of Onion Shampoo to Hair

Given the properties of onions, the benefits of onion shampoo to hair can start from minimizing the breakage and thinning to increasing shine and keeping the hair lustrous and smooth. Still, check the detailed benefits below. 

  • Onions shampoo restore lost nutrients: Since onion contains dietary sulfur, the best shampoo should include this mineral. The dietary sulfur will reduce hair loss and provide the required amount of nutrients the hair needs to grow, and even make the hair grow fast. 
  • Fight scalp infection: The anti-microbial properties present in a good onion shampoo will help any disease on the scalp. It will be easier to grow and maintain healthy hair with a healthy scalp. You can also use olive oil on your hair before applying shampoo to have an effective result. 
  • Stops premature grey hair: The natural potent antioxidant-like flavonoids present in onions prevent the formation of free radicals, making an Onion shampoo the best choice when looking for products to stop premature greying. 
  • Makes hair shinner: When used regularly, onion hair shampoo will bring an incredible shine to hair. It will also work on people with curly hair by improving the texture and adding an extra bounce to it. Onions shampoo also works as a natural conditioner. 
  • Fight against lice: Onion shampoo is the best solution for those suffering from lice; because of its anti-microbial properties, onion shampoo fights against lice and prevents it from further occurring. 
  • Increase hair volume: Onion juice improves blood flow once it comes in contact with the scalp; this increases the production of healthy cells, thus increasing the bounce and volume of the hair. 
  • Fight against dandruff: If you have been suffering from dandruff over the years, then onion Shampoo is the best remedy for you because it nourishes the scalp, which helps treat dandruff and prevent it from manifesting again. 

How to use onion shampoo for hair Growth

  • First, wet the hair with a lukewarm water
  • Gently massage the shampoo on the hair with your fingertips
  • Allow it on the scalp for 1-2 minute
  • Lastly, wash the hair thoroughly and use a towel or air to dry it. 

Best Onion Shampoos to Purchase for Hair Growth

1. WOW Skin Science Red Onion Black Seed Oil Shampoo: The WOW product cruelty-free shampoo that works to restore dry hair and scalp. Red onion and black seed oil improve hair texture and strengthen the strands. It also boosts blood flow to the scalp and hair roots; it helps eliminate scrubs and solid and brilliant hair. 

2. Oriental Botanics Red Onion Hair Growth Shampoo: The Oriental Shampoo is made with natural ingredients like onion oil, coffee extract, green tea, caffeine, etc. The shampoo helps stimulate hair follicles, making the hair thicker and fuller. Since the shampoo is advanced with natural strengthening ingredients, it is the best choice for hair growth. Also, when coupled with aloe vera and olive oil, it will naturally fight against free radicals that destroy scalps. 

3. Mamaearth Onion Hair Fall Shampoo: If you suffer from hair fall, then the Mamaearth onion Shampoo is the best remedy. It is packed with multiple natural ingredients that make it best for chemically treated hair. It improves blood circulation to the scalp and enhances hair regrowth. It’s a gentle shampoo that will wash your hair, simultaneously maintaining the hair’s natural oil. The shampoo is also loaded with keratin that makes hair frizzy-free and reduces the harm caused by washing. 

4. WishCare Red Onion Ginger Shampoo: The wish care shampoo does not only contain onion but including ginger. These two combos empower the scalp and improve blood flow to the scalp. Aside from the two ingredients, it also contains castor oil, rosemary oil, olive oil, and other natural oils that prevent hair breakage and increase thickness. In addition, it also treats scalp irritation, inflammation, and dandruff. Also, the scalp is made for all hair types. 

5. Himalayan Organics Onion Oil Shampoo: The Himalayan shampoo is perfect for starters and regular users. The shampoo nourishes scalps and helps rejuvenate hair follicles from their roots, reducing hair fall and improving healthy hair production. Since onions contain anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, this shampoo also removes dandruff and prevents scalp itchiness and dryness. The shampoo also stops premature grey hair, and the pungent smell of red onions used in the making prevents lice from manifesting. 

6. Herbal Khadi Onion Shampoo: The herbal shampoo is a chemical-free product suitable for all hair types, including colored and chemically-treated hair. You don’t have to worry about your expensive highlight getting damaged. The shampoo contains only onion with no additional ingredient giving your scalp the adequate nutrient it requires for healthy and fast hair growth. The shampoo also helps smoothen frizzy and coarse hair and improves hair texture. Its mild and fresh scent prevents lice from manifesting and odors away.

7. NDUS VALLEY 100% Organic Onion Shampoo With Conditioner: The INDUS VALLEY shampoo works to enhance texture and strengthen hair allowing you to run your hands through the hair without any strand obstruction. It’s a 2-in-1 shampoo that contains natural ingredients like onions, hibiscus, pomegranate oil, black seed oil, argan oil, etc. These powerful combos work together to keep your hair healthy. With this shampoo, you will bid farewell to hair problems. Moreover, it maintains the pH level of the scalp when used regularly. 

8. Zoya Herbal Red Onion Shampoo: The Zoyla shampoo is made from natural ingredients like red onion, fermented rice water, tea tree oil, and caffeine. The fermented rice in the shampoo contains nutrients like vitamins A, B, and C, which help repair damaged cells and balance scalp pH, reducing hair fall. The tea tree oil helps remove impurities, while the caffeine reduces hair fall. 

Frequently Asked Questions?
  • Is onion juice good for hair growth? 

Onion contains properties that fight scalp infection, lice, dandruff, etc., all of these hinder the proper growth of hair, and from the benefits seen earlier and properties of onion, we say it’s good for hair growth.                  

  • Is onion juice and honey good for hair growth?

Since this article is focused on onion juice only, we can’t tell off the combination of honey if it works, but in subsequent research, we shall be looking into these areas. 

  • How often do you use onion juice for your hair?

It would be best to use it two to three times a week to wash your hair and scalp thoroughly.  

  • Does Onion Shampoo have any side effects? 

There is no evident report on the side effect of any onion Shampoo. However, it is advisable to rinse the shampoo properly after application because any leftovers can cause continuous irritation. 

Also, if you are already allergic to onions, using onion Shampoo is not a good idea. You can turn to other beneficial nutrients like biotin shampoo for your hair. 

Wrap Up

Whenever the question does onion Shampoo helps hair growth pops again, the answer should be yes. Onions contain many beneficial properties, including dietary sulfur, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory properties that help fight against hair problems and give you that shiny and thick hair you have always dreamed about.

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