Is a humidifier for sore throat good? Suggestions

Sore throat is a mouth condition. It causes people pain and makes it difficult for them to eat food or drinking of fluid. This mouth injury can be experienced by anyone, with no age limit. It is can be caused by virus, bacterial infections, or dry climate. However, the objective of this article is for people to have an understanding of a humidifier for sore throat. Is it good, can it help, or does it work?

We’ll also be looking at some natural remedies for at home treatment.

Can a humidifier for sore throat any good? Suggestions

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Let’s quickly look at 5 of the best brands of humidifiers we suggest for sore throat:         

What is sore throat?

A sore throat is a feeling of a dry, painful or scratchy throat, similar to a sore mouth. 

A painful feeling is the most pronounced symptom of a sore throat. It can deprive people of swallowing or taking fluid. Sometimes at night, it causes sleeplessness and can make someone’s day unproductive.

Sore in the throat is mainly caused by virus infection or weather conditions such as dry air, cold, or flu. 

It is also important to know that; sore throat is of different type’s base on the area on the throat area it appears and is as follows: 

  • Pharyngitis: This causes inflammation and soreness in the throat 
  • Tonsillitis: This affects the soft tissue at the back of the mouth, causing it to swell and reddish. 
  • Laryngitis: This makes the voice box or larynx swell and redness.

Usually, after some days, the soreness will disappear by itself, but in some persons, the pain can be severe and may require treatment to ease symptoms. 

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What sre the symptoms?

Soreness affecting the throat can vary depending on what is the actual cause. 

  • Dryness 
  • Burning 
  • Scratchy 
  • Irritation 

More so, sore throat can be a symptom of strep throat like cold, flu, allergies, including other upper respiratory organ sicknesses. 

Even a sore throat caused by a virus or bacteria called Streptococcus has similar symptoms. These symptoms below suggest that a virus may be the cause instead of strep infection:

  • Coughing.
  • Runny or watery nose.
  • Conjunctivitis.
  • Hoarseness that changes people’s voices.

Unlike sore throat, these are the common symptoms of strep throat:

  • A sore throat that occurs rapidly.  
  • Pain when swallowing. 
  • Fever. 
  • Swollen lymph node in front of someone’s neck. 
  • Swollen and red tonsils, including streak pus or white patches.
  • Tiny reddish spot on the mouth palate.  

What are the causes of sore throat?

Different factors can be responsible for sore throat: 

  • Allergies. 
  • Viruses that cause common cold or flu. 
  • Streptococcus bacteria, also known as streptococcal pharyngitis.
  • Smoking or exposure to smoke from cigarettes or tobacco.  

How get rid of sore throat at home?

Generally, sore throat may go away even without treatment after a few days. 

However, if it is a bacterium causing it, a healthcare professional can assist in prescribing a dose of antibiotics to use. 

While sore throat due to a virus infection usually does not need intensive medical treatment. Taking pain relievers can help with the pain. People can visit a local pharmacy store to help with the dosages. 

It is important to strictly follow the treatment instruction and not to take more than required. 

People can also try some other natural remedies at home, which include:

  • Drink plenty of water to rehydrate and keep your throat moist 
  • Get plenty of rest 
  • Gargle lukewarm salt water 
  • Taking drink containing 
  • Using a vaporizer or humidifier 
  • Taking vitamin C supplement 
  • Consuming honey helps soothe a sore throat (but should not use for children below age 12)
  • Lozenges or substitutes also help soreness in the throat 

Consuming certain drinks containing lemon, ginger, or green tea can help a soothing sore throat. Even a study concludes herbal tea is effective for strep throat. 

However, sore throat can also result from environmental factors like overly dry air, especially in the winter or desert climate. If you notice your symptom is from dry air, adding a humidifier to your room would be helpful. 

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Can a humidifier help with sore throat?

Adding a humidifier to your room gives you the leverage to release mist into the air to keep it at an optimal level (30 -50%). 

Recall that viruses and bacteria cause a sore throat, and these factors can survive and move freely in a dry atmosphere. 

When you increase the humidity level, it makes them impossible to float and thus hinders their activities which can result in sore throat. 

For people already experiencing throat soreness, such as overly throat dryness, burning, dry cough, etc., the moisture from the humidifier will keep your throat moist and helps relieve the situation to an extent.  

study in 2011 by Korean J Anesthesiol on the effect of a humidifier on sore throat and cough after thyroid surgery suggests that humidification helps lessen the incidence and severity of sore throat. 

Note this: What type of humidifier is best for sore throat? Either a cool or warm mist humidifier is good. While the warm mist delivers bacteria-free mist due to the heating of the water, if you equally use treated water for a cool mist humidifier, you will get the safe mist too. However, warm mist counterparts are not friendly to babies, kids, and children’s skin because of hot mists.   

As you run the appliance, high maintenance is essential to avoid building up bacteria or mold inside the water tank that can worsen your symptoms. Ensure to clean it once every week and replace the filter monthly. 

Also, drain the tank when you are not using the device. Standing water promotes bacteria dwelling. 

When to contact a doctor?

If you have tried any of the various treatments above for about 3-days, without improvement, you will have to visit a doctor. However, you should be on look out for the following;

  • Finding it hard to breath 
  • Swallowing becomes difficult or painful, and for others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can high humidity cause sore throat? 

Answer: No, only dry air can. However, no study has proven that high home humidity can cause sore throat. 

You can check some of the best humidifiers we suggest for treating the sore throat symptoms relating to dry air.

Reviews of 5 best humidifiers for sore throat

Best for value: Everlasting comfort humidifier

How long you will be able to run a humidifier to manage throat soreness matters. 

A humidifier that can run for at least 12 hours is a good pick, and this everlasting comfort product can run for up to fifty hours, reducing people’s rate of frequent refilling. 

It is built for a large room measuring about 500 square feet and is ideal for kids and adults, thanks to the safe-cool mist it releases. 

The automatic shut-off turns the device off on an empty tank, protecting it while saving energy. 

Everlasting comfort humidifier

Since it is an ultrasonic humidifier, there is no filter to clean or replace, unlike humidifiers that use filters. 

Features at glance 

  • 6-liter tank 
  • For 500 sq. ft.
  • Manual humidity setting
  • Essential oil tray  

 Pros and cons 

The everlasting comfort large tank eliminates the need to refill often, and auto-shut-off provides peace of mind. Without a filter in its design, makes it cost-effective to run.

Reviewers said it lasts only 16 hrs. The diffuser function is not as powerful as a regular diffuser, and it does create a bit of noise. 

Best for portability: AquaOasis

The size of this humidifier does not affect its performance because it delivers mist without glitches. 

Yes, it is a small design but robust enough to power a large room like the everlasting comfort product and cost less. 

It has a 2.2-liter water reservoir for making mist for up to 24 hrs. Additionally, the AquaOasis quiet operation is another reason for people looking for a humidifier nursery or children’s room. 


Features at glance 

  • 2.2litres 
  • 24hrs operation
  • Filter-less design 
  • 360-degree nozzle 
  • It comes with a cleaning brush 

Pros and cons 

Reviewers on Amazon love the portable size, which barely requires no space, ultra-quiet operation, and the price offer. 

On the negative side, there was a report on how difficult to clean some areas of the tank. But a cleaning brush is included in the package to achieve this desire.  

Best for price: Raydrop Cool Mist Humidifier

This humidifier is cheaper than the AquaOasis. It’s about $22 yet protects homes from dry air problems. 

The manufacturer reports that the raydrop can work for 30 hours on low speed while 12 hrs on high speed from its 0.66 gallons (2.5 liters) tank.  

In addition, the diffuser function gives the privilege to use essential oil alongside as they increase the humidity level. 

Raydrop Cool Mist Humidifier

The raydrop creates a relaxing cool mist without polluting your house with noise. 

Features at glance 

  • 2.5 liters 
  • Auto-shut off 
  • 12 -30hrs operation 
  • Adjustable mist level setting 
  • Compatible with essential oil 

Pros and cons 

Safe to run with automatic shut-off for an empty tank. Additionally, the top-fill tank design makes it easy to add water.

A negative report was the cleaning of small corners of the water tank. To avoid this issue, people should use a toothbrush to clean hard-to-reach corners.   

Best for convenient cleaning: MIRO-NR08M Cream

This one gallon-sized water tank humidifier on high speed can deliver mist for 8 hrs while on minimum speed up to 24 hrs. 

It is portable but powerful to increase the humidity level in coverage up to 600 square feet. 

The Miro features a seven-color LED light, and people can access them from the quick touch panel control for a relaxing night. Additionally, the light can also recycle through the 7-colors and can be a turn-off. 

MIRO-NR08M Cream

Features at glance 

  • 1-gallon tank
  • 8 – 24 hrs operation 
  • For 600 square feet of coverage 
  • 7 (rainbow) color optional nightlight   

Pros and cons 

The most outstanding, all parts of this appliance are water-proof and washable. People can disassemble every part for easy cleaning with hot soapy water. Even reviewers on Amazon attest to the easy maintenance, unlike their previous humidifiers that are proving difficult. 

While the Miro seems to be a perfect pick, some reviewers were reporting on how difficult to put all the parts together because there was no guiding instruction. The customer also complains about the bulky size requiring more space. 

Best for versatile control: LEVOIT LV600S

This Levoit can work as a vaporizer and ultrasonic humidifier. In addition, deliver warm and cool mist. People will love the warm mists air for the winter season and the cool mists during summer. 

The manufacturer reports their product can effectively protect people from low humidity in rooms up to 753 sq. feet. They said the 6-liter water tank last the device for 50hrs operations, plus a timer function that allows people to set how long it should work.    

The design features intelligent control compatible with the VeSync app, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant.   


Features at glance 

  • Timer 
  • Runs quietly 
  • 6L tank 
  • 50 hrs operation 
  • 753 square feet
  • Top fill the water tank 
  • No filter in the design 

Pros and cons 

The Levoit is ideal for releasing moisture in a whole house. It has convenient control through a smart-app and voice control. Additionally, the top wide opening tank allows for quick refilling a cleaning.  

People facing space problems in their house may find this appliance bulky, and the white color finishing requires high maintenance.  

Best for auto humidity control: Hupro ultrasonic dual mist

The hupro is for large rooms and delivers cool and warm mist like the Levoit products above. 

Among the humidifiers we examine for people with a sore throat, this one is the only product featuring humidistat – this feature senses and regulates the humidity level present in the atmosphere.

The air ionization and ceramic filter featuring activated carbon ensure clean and purified safe air, while the aroma diffuser allows people to add fragrance to their homes. 

Top of it, it comes with remote control for convenience anywhere in the room. 

Features at glance 

Hupro ultrasonic dual mist
  • Timer 
  • Humidistat
  • Essential oil use    
  • Irreplaceable filter 
  • 5.5-liter tank 
  • 24-40 hours runtime 
  • Automatic shut off 
  • 599 sq. ft. maximum coverage 

Pros and cons 

The hupro is a state art design humidifier, stylish for modern home setting, solid design, and runs ultra-quietly. Worrying about excess moisture in your air is not a problem. The humidistat manages this problem. 

However, the concern is the large size and space placement requirement. Hence, people with less space can check for a smaller humidifier that can fit into their property. 

Best Humidifier for sore throat comparison chart


Everlasting comfort humidifier


Raydrop Cool Mist Humidifier

MIRO-NR08M Cream


Hupro ultrasonic dual mist

Tank size6liter2.2 liter2.51 gallon6 liter5.5 liter
Coverage (sq. ft.) 500400500600753599
Timer YesYesYesYesYesYes
Humidity controlManualManualManualManualManualDigital
Run time 16 - 50hrs 24hrs 12 -30 hrs8 -24 hrs 50hrs 24 – 40hrs


Sore throat is a condition anyone can suddenly develop, and at one-time people life, they’ve experienced it without knowing what it means and the cause. However, this article has covered everything in detail and how you can manage the symptoms via various treatment methods, including home remedies and humidifier applications.

Nevertheless, people should contact a doctor or healthcare professional for severe sore throat pain,