Does A Humidifier for Dry Cough Helpful? Top 5 Suggestions

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Does A Humidifier for Dry Cough Helpful? Top 5 Suggestions

Understanding the benefits, a humidifier for dry cough plays would help you manage the symptoms on time. Often, cool and warm mists humidifiers which one good is a frequent question people do ask – You’ll get to know the truth about this argument. But you need to know that untreated cough can degenerate into chronic respiratory or lungs condition.

Coughing is a byproduct of infections that affect the nasal passages. The symptom includes congestion and sinuses. Studies have proven that dry air is one major factor responsible for upper airway respiratory syndrome, making breathing difficult. It also worsens cough. Humidifier placement in the room (in the house or offices) and moisture diffusing into the air can help dismiss dry cough. It will also hydrate your skin, lips, and mouth, keeping dryness at bay.

Even experts advise using humidifiers during sleep eases breathing difficulties because coughing is most severe at night. For children, the cool-mists type is friendly to use, but this kind needs to be used with distilled water. Though the warm mist model provides more soothing, but the burns it sometimes causes make this type unfriendly to kids, pets, and plants inclusively.

Are You Still Confused How Do A Humidifier Help With A Dry Cough?

When the air is dry, it is hard to cough up or blow out mucous, but when a humidifier sends moisture into the atmosphere – this help treat stubborn harden mucous for free flow. 

In addition, soothe your lungs, throat, and nasal airway for improved breathing. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advocate humidifiers can help loosen mucous to ease coughing syndrome. 

Let’s look at 5 of the best humidifiers products that can be used to moisturize dry indoor air:

  1. HoMedics Deluxe
  2. LEVOIT 6L
  3. Pure Enrichment
  4. Everlasting Comfort
  5. Vicks 1 gallon

How to use a humidifier effectively?

The optimal benefits of using a humidifier are harnessed when you use it correctly. 

This device is easy to use and operate, but the incorrect application may negate if a humidifier is good for dry cough, which is the pressing question you are trying to know.

You need to adhere to the manufacturer’s instruction guide or follow a few practices for the best performance of the device:

  • Only use distilled or treated water: For a warm mist humidifier, any water is okay but for cool mists, use distilled water. Since, you want to treat a cough, avoid essential oil or substitutes as this can aggravate the respiratory organ.  
  • Regular Cleaning: Unclean humidifiers encourage microbes to grow inside the unit tank and can cause the unhealthy mist to be dispersed into the air, thus worsening coughing. Clean the appliance 3-times a week and replace filters at least once in two weeks. 
  • Maintain Ideal Humidity Level: Monitors the amount of moisture present in your home air. It should not be above 50 percent. Higher levels can result in bacteria and mold problems. Some humidifiers are installed with a humidistat that can do the monitoring, but if yours lack it, purchase a humidity monitor for a do-it-yourself measuring.

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What is a dry cough?

It’s a reflex action that helps clear mucous and irritants from your airways. Cough is wet or dry, and this takes us to the types of cough:

  • Productive 
  • And non-productive cough 

The difference between the two is that a productive (wet) cough involves the production of mucus or phlegm, while a non-productive (dry) cough does not produce phlegm or mucus. 

The findings suggest many things can be responsible for coughs like influx or allergies -however, sometimes, there are no reasons. Irrespective of the cause, a dry cough can affect daily activities, and symptoms may worsen at night. 

Humidifiers vs Covid-19 Cough

During the lock down, one of the early symptoms linked covid-19 is dryness. Statistics show that up to 70% affected with the coronavirus experience this symptom of covid-19. 

Even research work in Wuhan, China, concludes most covid-19 patients develop a cough just one day after being infected and can last up to 20 days. 

However, a study on Humidifier use and covid-19 found that after Endotracheal tube replacement, followed by humidifier usage and prone positioning, the patient was weaned-off from mechanical ventilation. Hence, a humidifier contributed to the recovery of the coronavirus patient.

Since cough is a broad topic, you need to check other resources for in-depth knowledge. Before you do that, let’s see other treatment options you can consider below. 

At Home Natural Remedies for Dry Cough

Treating dry cough can be challenging, because of how sensitive your airway would have become, due to the unending coughing. Nevertheless, here are some things to try; if improvement lingers, then you can contact a healthcare expert: 

  • Taking over-the-counter cough medications. A pharmacy store can recommend an effective one for you.  
  • Taking a hot drink mixed with honey helps soothes irritants that affect throat tissue.
  • Sucking of throat lozenges also helps in moisturize and soothe throat tissue.  

5 of the best humidifier for dry cough reviews

1. HoMedics Deluxe

HoMedics Deluxe

This air humidifying appliance is for small-sized rooms or personal spaces. The cool-mist mode is favorable for the nursery and children’s environment. Its programmable humidistat ensures accurate indoor humidity levels, and automatic shut-off stops the device once empty tank is reached. It has a soothing night light and its portable design fit most tight desk table. 

Pros and cons

It provides warm and cool mists, great for both summer and winter. It supports essential oil and uses de-mineralized cartridges instead that require replacement. 

If running the cool-mist setting often, you will need to clean the appliance frequently. 



This humidifier is a dual mist device like the Homedics but also functions as a vaporizer – making it perfect for an individual searching for these functions in a single device. The Levoit has an inbuilt humidity sensor that maintains output level and protects you from over-humidification. Its whisper-quiet operation makes it outstanding from rival appliances of its kind. Sleeping at night running it won’t disturb you, and right inside your bed, you can operate it via the remote control.  

Pros and cons 

Reviewers love the long-hour operation of up to 50hrs on low speed while 30 on high speeds. Its large tank eliminates frequent refilling. The use of essential oil will help ease dry cough faster. 

Its white color finishing requires high maintenance and cleaning, although there is no filter to replace. 

3. Pure Enrichment

Pure Enrichment

This humidifier can combat dry air that aggravates coughing within 10 minutes of running it. Pure enrichment is one of the smallest humidifier sizes in the market, perfect for tight corners and room humidity needs. It is a nice gift item for home and office settings. 

Its 360-degree nozzle rotation distributes moisture everywhere for adequate saturation. Safe to use; thanks to the auto-shut-off and optional night light makes you sleep better. 

Pros and cons 

It doesn’t take much space, has quiet operation, and is easy to transport from one room to another. Buyers love the 5-year warranty. 

While it is a good humidifier, it is not suitable for a large area. Refilling may be frequent, unlike the Levoit, which has a long-running duration.  

5. Everlasting Comfort

Everlasting Comfort

This humidifier can also power your room for 50hrs in one refill. Its filterless design saves the cost of replacing filters and eliminates frequent washing. While the cool-mist mode is ideal for adults, your baby will love the vaporizer mode as it sends an invisible mist into the air. Feature uncompromised quality and built. With up to 50k Amazon reviewers, that’s a mark of best bet and performance. 

Pros and cons 

Reviewers love the 2-years replacement warranty and a great sense of peace of purchase. Safe for use around children, no hot mist that causes burns. Its essential oil tray allows users to diffuse the air with aroma. 

It requires regular or weekly cleaning to avoid mold and bacteria growing inside the water tank. 

5. Vicks 1 gallon

Vicks 1 gallon

This humidifier uses a Vicks vaposteam pad to produce medicated vapor which helps relieve cough and congestion. During the cold season, this Vicks vaposteam humidifier will protect your nasal passage from health invaders. 

The Vicks features a 1.6-gallon tank that runs the device for about 24 hours, and its operation does not create noise. Running this appliance in your kid’s room will protect them from dry cough. 

Pros and cons 

It is great for congestion and cough relief. Since it boils the water before releasing the output, it delivers a safe mist. 

Warm mist humidifiers sometimes release hot mist that can burn children’s skin; if you have kids at home, ensure to place this device from that reach. 


In this article talking is a humidifier good for a dry cough, we look at what a cough is all about, the causes, and symptoms, how humidifiers can help, covid-19 cough symptoms, and other natural home treatment options for cough.  

From the different research studies cited in this write-up, humidifiers are proven good for cough relieving, and there is no side effect.

Some of the products we highlight are useful to treat dry air that causes cough, but proper use and cleaning are required.  

Also, read about how humidifiers helps during sleep apnea episode.