Do humidifiers help with dry skin? What to know

Before adding a humidifier to your house, take time to check yourself. You will notice your skin looking so dry and unattractive. Check again after adding moisture. You will see that your skin becomes moist and refreshed. The reason for that problem is because of dry air and low humidity. A humidifier for dry skin not only benefits your epidermis but also helps eyes that are dry, and chapped lips, and maintains your hair. Studies have also proven that humidification can ease upper nasal passages symptoms like congestion, stuffy nose, and sore throat. Humidifiers can improve sleep quality at night. People who sleep with a humidifier can attest to this fact. So, in this article, you will learn; do humidifiers help with dry skin and how to use it correctly, and the right type to mount in your house, room, or office environment. 

Do humidifiers help with dry skin? The Suggestions

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As we proceed, here are quick looks at the five best humidifiers we suggest for people experiencing dry skin:

Benefits of humidity

The human body contains 80% water; a reduced rate can result in dehydration and affect the proper function of body organs.

A simple way to know the water level in your system is low is when you feel thirsty and want to drink.

The levels must not drop because a reduced rate will cause people to suffer different health challenges, especially respiration and upper airway infections.

People’s skin will also suffer, causing a lot of trauma to many but not to worry, after reading through the benefits of humidity, you will see how to resolve dry air faster in the home. Before that, these are the following things that might result in skin dehydration:

  • Winter (dry cold air)
  •  Air conditioner
  •  Excessive home heating
  •  Use of certain medication
  •  Desert air (this applies to people living close to desert regions)

How does humidity benefit dry skin?

The amount of vapor the air can hold at a given time refers to humidity. In other words, the air we breathe consists of water content. The outdoor levels might be of concern to us, but for the indoors, the percentage that makes a comfortable living space is 30 – 50% relative humidity. The range the indoor air should contain must remain the same. A decrease will lead to dry air, which causes people dry skin conditions and other low humidity problems, while an increased rate can cause mold growth. With the knowledge that humidity is a component of air and for the best comfort, it must be kept in a particular range which must be constant. Here are two ways humidity can be beneficial to people’s epidermis:

  • When the indoor moisture level is healthy, it preserves people’s skin from drying out. The absence of moisture is the presence of dry air and can cause Xerosis. 
  •  This is a common problem, where people have cracked skin on their lips due to dry or cold weather and others. Adding moisture to the air can remedy this problem [^^].   
  •  People whose body is always dry are prone to skin diseases like eczema. This skin condition can easily flare up due to overly dryness.

A balance of indoor humidity can help stop the above skin conditions. While there are many ways to hydrate the air inside the home, a humidifier is one of the most sought-after methods in the United States. So people need to know what a humidifying device is all about. 

Are humidifiers good for dry skin?

Skin care professionals, or dermatologists as people call them, recommend humidifiers for dry skin conditions caused by dry air. Besides, no research has claimed optimal indoor humidity is bad for people’s skin.

A humidifier uses water to make the air humid. It does not use chemical substances that can harm the human outer layer.

Humidifiers can only be harmful when people leave their unit tank dirty and unclean, and this causes molds and bacteria to live inside the reservoir. When such a humidifier runs, it brings out an unhealthy mist. The output will be a threat to people’s health.

Humidifier for dry skin warm or cool mists: what type is best?

The skin is not like the nasal passages, which may require people to look at which specific kind of humidifier mists can relieve airway symptoms.
When it comes to dry skin, no humidifier type is best. Individual preference should dictate the choice to pick.

People should be aware that warm mists units are more expensive to run and deliver safer mists than cool-mists devices due to water heating. Consequently, they are not safe for parents with babies or kids, as they can cause burns.

On the other side, cool mist humidifiers have low running costs and provide mists friendly for children but need regular maintenance. Many manufacturers recommend distilled water for their units, and it can double running costs.
So, weighing the two kinds, your budget and household could influence the exact type to purchase to solve skin dryness.

How to use a humidifier for dry skin?

There are no specific lay down rules about humidifiers used for a dry skin conditions. However, it is best to mount this appliance in your bedroom since it’s the area you spend most of your time. For effective performance and benefits, these tips can be helpful:

  • Set the desired humidity level to avoid excessive humidity.
  • Place the unit close to where the moisture will reach you.
  • Wash the unit tank once at least every 2-weeks. If the model you have uses a filter, ensure to replace it monthly. Generally, how often you use your humidifier should determine filter replacement. 

How to pick a good humidifier for Xerosis?   

Plenty of these devices are on the market, and many advertising messages can mislead people into the wrong selection. If you need one, some things should be your concern, such as coverage size, tank capacity, and humidity control method.

The coverage size is always in square feet for any given device. So the space area to use the unit must match the particular humidifier size you intend to buy.

Only choose a device with the capacity of your facility. It will lead to high humidity issues, while a unit with low coverage equally means less efficiency.

People should also check the tank size; a unit with a large capacity will serve better and will run for quite a several hours, and also prevent frequent refills. However, buying a humidifier with a 2-liter tank size is okay for rooms. This tank size can run for up to 24hrs.

An important aspect to check is the method of controlling humidity; is it manual or digital; this is a question you need to ask yourself. A manual humidifier requires people to adjust the humidity levels, and most times, people may only get it right if they measure humidity levels using a hygrometer. On the other side, a digital humidifier has a humidistat that regulates humidity levels automatically and gives an accurate output when it is not malfunctioning.

Other features you may include; remote control, nightlight, an essential oil tray, and a warranty. If all these things are well understood, you can buy a humidifier, and we have some suggestions below.

 5 brands of best humidifiers for dry skin reviews

Best for small room: Pure Enrichment Studio

The mists this Pure Mistaire delivers will benefit people suffering from overly dry skin and other epidermis problems. No matter where you are at the time, the pure enrichment design is versatile for all environments.

People can use MistAire to restore moisture anywhere in the house and the office. It is most effective in a floor area of 175 square feet.

As small as this device, it can run for ten hours, supplying cool air from a 0.7-liter tank size. People can adjust humidity levels in two ways, low and high.

Whether on high speed, the appliance sound is less than 32dB; hardly will people notice its presence due to the whisper-quiet operation mode. Besides, optional night light provides visibility at night. So there is no need to turn on your regular night light, which saves you energy costs.

So far, customer ratings are 4.3 out of 5 stars, and up to 13 reviews back up this product.

Pure Enrichment Studio

 At Glance 

  • 2-mist settings. 
  • 0.7L tank 
  • It can run for 10 hrs 
  • Optional nightlight 
  • Automatic shut off 
  • 175 sq. ft. maximum coverage. 

Pros and cons

Up to 70% of customers report that the MistAire is easy to set up and use, loves the compact design, doesn’t create noise, and helps increase humidity. Additionally, the user manual is explanatory. 

However, we could not record any negative points from customers on Amazon, but this appliance only works better in small rooms or spaces.

Best for valued: Everlasting Comfort Cool Mist

Overly dry air in the house can attack your skin and makes it dry and sometimes cause the body to be itchy but adding humidity can help resolve dry skin.

The Everlasting comfort is one humidifying device that can help you maintain a comfortable humidity range. This unit is effective for a large bedroom and other spaces measuring up to 300 square feet.

The design is not like a regular humidifier but an air vaporizer. From the image, people can see the double nozzle vaporizing mist into the air – An option to protect babies and children from dry skin. In addition, people can also add essential oil to the tray design for it for a relaxing fragrance. All of these features don’t mean the everlasting comfort is expensive. The manufacturer felt giving out a robust product as low as $47.99.

Nevertheless, this unit has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars with 9k+ customer reports on Amazon when writing this article.

Lest we forget, the manufacturer is bold to have given up to a 2-year replacement policy on this device, which is a mark of confidence undoubted.

Everlasting Comfort Cool Mist

At Glance 

  • It is a filterless humidifier    
  • It built for 300 sq feet highest coverage 
  • People can add essential oil to the tray 
  • It has a 4-liter tank for up to 40hrs runtime 

Pros and cons 

The customer reports that the device is essentially perfect; it does not give problems, has no disturbing noise, runs for lengthy hours, and is portable. Even cleaning the tank is no struggle; a user reports it deserves 6 out of 5 stars. On another side, we could hardly see any negative as the customer was not complaining. Nevertheless, this device does not have a remote control.


Best dual mist unit: Ledonti Cool and Warm Mist

People looking for a warm or cool mist humidifier for overly dry skin can check the Ledonti. While previous products cost less because they can only deliver cool mist, this one cost higher due to the dual mist function, but you won’t spend up to $100.

People can customize humidity at three levels; you can choose low, medium, or high speed. A low-speed setting may take a long time to humidify, but the sound level is minimum, and as you proceed up the scale, the output increases, the same with the sound.

The 4 liters tank size works for big rooms up to 300 square feet and provides 20hrs run time on a reduced speed while 10 hrs on high mode. Also, the tank has a top-wide opening design for effortless refill and cleaning.

One unique thing, this device is convenient to use as it has a wifi and Tuya app control and then connects to the humidifier, granting users flexible operation.
On average, this unit has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars and decent customer views up to 5k.

Ledonti Cool and Warm Mist

At Glance 

  • Ceramic filter
  • 360-degree nozzle 
  • It has a wifi and app control
  • 4L tank run for 24hrs
  • It covers up to 300 sq. ft. 
  • It has a built-in oil diffuser 
  • Dual mist – cool and warm mist 
  • Three-speed settings and sleep mode 

Pros and Cons

From the various customer reports; we examined, almost everyone gave a positive statement that it’s a good product and works nicely but for a user whose own could have been defective. However, ensure to read through the review section before deciding on it.  

Best for children room: Frida Baby Fridababy

The manufacturer boasts that this is a three-in-one functioning appliance. For people looking for a versatile machine that can serve as a humidifier, diffuser, and night light, the Frida Baby might be the right choice.

With the humidifying option, people can raise indoor humidity to combat dry air that causes dry skin. The diffuser is a function that enables users to scent their home with fragrance by adding essential oil into the compartment. To sum it up, the nightlight for calm sleep and visibility at night. More so, the night light changes to different colors.

Yes, the Fridababy is small but can distribute humidity in an area reaching 320 square feet and runs for up to 12 hours from a 0.5-gallon tank. Most importantly, it is safe to run, and the auto shut-off ensures the device turns off when there is no water to distribute.

Frida Baby Fridababy

Frida Baby has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, plus up to 6k+ reviews by Amazon customers. 

At Glance 

  • 3-in-1 
  • 320 sq. ft. 
  • 0.5-gallon tank 
  • 12hrs operation
  • Auto-stop function
  • Different color night lamp

Pros and Cons 

Some positive customer reports were easy to use, great design, lightweight, and soothing night light. While the negative was it requires more drops of essential oil for people to smell the outcome. People also commented that cleaning was merely easier to do. However, users need to follow the instruction manual for directions. 

Best for entire house: Aprilaire 700 Whole Home Humidifier

Sometimes, the entire house can be dry, which can affect everyone having dry skin. Instead of investing in different units for each room, a whole-house design humidifier can save people extra bucks. If you want to go by this decision, Aprliare is one of the top-notch for the entire house humidity need.

The large built capacity is for homes of 4,200 square feet design. People who use it in a lower coverage may have high humidity problems, except they set a precise humidity that’s the idea for such space.

This automatic humidifier has a dual sensor for monitoring and responding to outdoor temperature and indoor relative humidity (RH) for accurate and optimal moisture delivery. With this function, people don’t need to worry about excessive humidity. Set it and forget; Aprilaire never disappoints.

Aprilaire 700 Whole Home Humidifier

Unlike portable humidifiers that require refilling, Aprilaire depends on water from your home supply; hence, manual method is eliminated.  

However, this product has 4.6 out 5 stars and significant buyer’s reviews of 9K+.

At Glance

  • 4,200 sq. ft.
  • 18 gallon per day
  • Auto humidity regulation  

Pros and Cons

The Aprilaire automatic is self regulated unlike the manual mode, requiring people humidity monitoring. It require annual maintenance and cost saving but the installation may need a HAVC professional unless you’re a DIY expert.

Humidifiers for dry skin comparison chart


Pure Enrichment Studio

Everlasting Comfort Cool Mist

Ledonti Cool and Warm Mist

Frida Baby Fridababy

Aprilaire 700

Star rating out of 4.6 4.6
(sq. ft.)
175300 300 350 4,200
Tanks size 0.7L4L4L0.5 gallonContinuous
Runtime 10 hrs 40hrs24hrs12hrs Automatic
Price $29.99$47.99$88.00$42.99$326.59


People having dry skin caused by environmental factors can add moisture to their houses and help keep the skin moist. Running a humidifier seems to be a fast solution, but other cost-effective ways to humidify homes are available. People can sort for these ways, and this helps them save humidifier running costs.