Do Humidifiers Help With Congestion? The Right Way To use

Do humidifiers help with congestion? It is that winter season when the allergen is on the increase, and you feel uneasy living in cold, dry air. Congestion is one of the conditions most people battle. 

Do Humidifiers Help With Congestion? The Right Way To use

Congestion is the symptom of the upper air passages. It is caused by different environmental factors. Sometimes, it can go away without you doing anything. The good news is; that over-the-counter medications and natural home remedies can help you treat it. Most times, nasal congestion linked to dry air can be alleviated using humidifiers. 

The goal of using a humidifier in your home is to increase humidity levels. During mostly winter, cold air outdoors, when it enters the house, dries indoor air because of a drop in temperature. The overly dry air causes different health conditions. Some individuals start having dry skin, chap lips, dry eyes, and dry hair. To add, blocked sinuses, usually referred to as congestion or stuffy nose.  

Congestion can make breathing difficult because of the hardened mucous jamming your nasal airways. Most times, it worsens at night, which causes restless- night. This will affect your daily activities due to adequate rest. Therefore, creating a comfortable humidity room air by adding a humidifier can help ease congestion and keep the body in a good state.     

Mist Type, Humidity Levels, and Maintenance 

Cool-mist humidifiers can be more helpful than warm mists for congestion in babies and adults. However, some people prefer air vaporizers to be their best choice. 

Whichever type of humidifier you have, maintenance is vital for optimal performance. You may worsen congestion if you over-add humidity or don’t clean your device regularly. 

While adding humidity to your home, ensure the level doesn’t exceed 50%, says EPA. Excessive humidity promotes molds and bacteria breeding – these things cause allergens.  

Also, clean your humidifier every week using lukewarm vinegar or diluted hydrogen peroxide to wash the water tank thoroughly. Replace filters when it is no longer efficient to capture debris again.   

Take home:

  • For children, use only a cool-mist humidifier. The warm-mist counterpart sometime releases hot mists or touches can burn them. If there is a need to use warm mist during the winter for children, place it some meters away from their reach.
  • Use treated or distilled water. Don’t use tap water as it contains mineral deposits and can leave white dust all over your home.  
  • Set humidity level between 30 – 50 percent. The too wet atmosphere can lead to breathing problems resulting from mold and mildew. 
  • Clean the appliance at least once a week and drain the tank when you’re not using it. Standing water promotes bacteria dwelling.  

Humidifiers products comparison – featuring cool and warm mists type

LEVOIT small
Everlasting Comfort
Coverage: 505 sq. ft.753 sq. ft.400 sq. ft. 400 sq. ft.
Mist type:Cool Cool and warmCool Cool
Humidity control:Manual Automatic Manual Manual
Tank size: 6 liters 6 liters 6 liters 6 liters
Operation hour:60 hrs 50 hrs 50 hrs 48 hrs
Essential oil use:Yes Yes Yes Yes
Auto – shut off:Yes Yes Yes Yes