Consumer Reports Whole Body Vibration Machines & The Best Reviews

Every day, people search the internet for the best way to get fit. Nobody likes excessive fat; therefore, everyone wants to be slim. If you’re in this category, a whole-body vibration machine makes sense to help you with the morning and evening exercises. A vibration machine is one of the easiest and simplest exercise tools for anyone. Unlike rowers or stationary bikes, it doesn’t require much energy. A whole body vibration machine is also suitable for blood circulation. When people stand on it, the vibrating force sends a frequency to the entire body, ensuring proper blood flow. The benefits of owning this tool as your exercise companion cannot be over-talk-on. Getting one could make a whole lot of difference. While there are lots of them in the market, these consumer reports on whole body vibration machines have made it simpler for people to identify what’s in vogue and top-rated among users.      

Consumer Reports Whole Body Vibration Machines & The Best Reviews

Here are 5 of the best vibration machines people can use for whole body’s exercise:

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What is vibration machine?

It is a device that sends energy to the body, which helps contract and relaxing of muscles. People can sit, lie, or stand on the platform to exercise. Some models have safety handles or gears; in others, you need to stand freely, balancing yourself. 

It is optional to buy one. You can find them at the local gym center. The most important thing is knowing how to use it to meet your fitness goal. More so, there are a lot of health benefits you’ll derive each time you get yourself on a vibrating platform. These includes:

  • Burning fat
  • Weight loss
  • Reduces sore muscles 
  • Enhance blood flow  
  • Increases body flexibility 
  • Help people build strength and balance, especially older people.

However, as people use this device, particularly for weight loss, eating a good diet and another regular physical routine could make a lot of difference. Also, consuming fluids after each session helps maintain a healthy exercise life. 

A vibration machine is good, but some people cannot use it. As we proceed into the review section, you’ll find out later in this article. 

5 of the best whole body vibration machines

LifePro Rumblex 4D Vibration Machine

LifePro Rumblex 4D Vibration Machine

This 3D design platform is well built and very solid to hold people weighing up to 330lbs. Sturdiness is an essential quality that differentiates it from competitive units of low standards-built materials.

This in-house vibration therapy provider features variable training and speed settings to customize personal exercising needs.

The most important thing, you’ll get yourself a workout while building strength, muscles, and blood circulation. What’s more, check out the below.


  • It is quiet 
  • It has seven training modes 
  • Featuring up to 60-speed settings 
  • It can carry a load of up to 330lbs 
  • Robust construction for years of use 


  • It is cost 
  • It lacks a handle, making it not a good choice for elderly

LifePro Rhythm Platform

LifePro Rhythm Platform

Popular in the market is the Lifepro vibration plate. It is an ideal platform for a whole-body workout. Primarily found in most gym lounge and also serve home fitness companion. People will find this useful for cardio exercise and weight loss desire. The excellent platform has a support handle, allowing aged people to find balance while using Lifepro.

Operating this device is straightforward. You’ll find all the settings in front of the top deck to personalize your training. With its built-in heart tracker, people can monitor their activities and progress. What’s more? It comes with five years manufacturer warranty for peace of mind of purchase.  


  • 330lbs maximum weight
  • Oscillation motor type 
  • Access to an online fitness video 
  • Adjustable speeds 
  • Easy to operate 
  • Safe and steady with handrail 


  • The design can only hold 330lbs weight 

Confidence Vibration Trainer Fitness Machine

Confidence Vibration Trainer Fitness Machine

This vibration trainer can help people build and strengthen muscles and improve circulation, including general fitness. It is an easy low compact exercise tool for home use and delivers fast results within a short time.

Just 10 minutes of daily use guarantee a difference, and two- or three-times weekly burns fat and calories. The console display is easy to navigate and user-friendly. Even inexperienced people will understand every basic setting and instruction.   


  • 10 minutes per session 
  • 300lbs maximum user weight 
  • It has up to 50-speed settings 
  • Frequency Range 50-60Hz


  • No adverse reports from users as of the time of writing this review, but findings show most aged people like this device. 

Zelus 2000W Body Vibration Exercise Machine

Zelus 2000W Vibration Exercise Machine

The Zelus vibration platform is another beautiful machine for those looking forward to investing in a vibrating frequency as a fitness companion. The design is essential; even beginners can learn to use it within 5 minutes. However, a thorough reading of the manual instruction is necessary to get to know the machine in and out.

For your work, you’ll get access to up to one hundred eighty speeds, plus ten pre-set programs, and all of these can be viewed on the digital display. The digital display lets people view timing and BMI stats for fitness levels. The sound system is another plus to having this platform, as people can play and listen to their favourite songs.  


  • 180 speeds 
  • Ten pre-set programs 
  • 10 minutes per day
  • It has a sound system 
  • Frequency Range: 50/60Hz
  • Time, LED display, and BMI stats
  • Holds a maximum weight of 330lbs 
  • It has a removable resistance band 


  • It is back up with only a year warranty 
  • A customer reports an issue with BMI settings 

Ps Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

Ps Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

From the wide range of products, we have examined and discussed, this PS features the highest user weight of 440lbs, making it a heavy-duty machine. So, consider checking this vibration plate if your weight is more than 400lbs. The whole-body exercise platform has ninety-nine speeds, a digital display, and seven pre-set programs.

The LED screen displays time, rate, and BMI so people can monitor sessions and training levels. The manufacturer reports 10 minutes daily and at least three times equals sixty minutes of regular exercise. Additionally, the company offers 24 hours responsive customer care. See more details below.


  • Solid and sturdy built 
  • It supports users up to 440lbs 
  • It has 99 vibration settings 
  • 7 pre-sets program, LED display, BMI, timing, etc. 
  • The company gives a one-year warranty for this product. 


  • It is expensive 

Who cannot use a vibration plate?

The device is suitable but only meant for some few individual. The frequency transmitted to the body can cause many problems for people who are not medically fit. However, the following people should avoid the device:

  • Anyone with bone ailment
  • If you have undergone surgery before  
  • Medical history linked with respiration 
  • A pregnant woman should stay away from it 

The bottom line, you need to be sure or consult a healthcare professional for a check and be certified okay before climbing on a vibration platform.

How to choose?

There are a few basics things to consider when buying a vibration platform, such as:

  • Weight capacity: People should pick a unit that can hold their weight firmly. For instance, if you weigh 300lbs, it is best to choose a machine of 330lbs. 
  • Speed settings and programs: These two features are primary things to check. The speed levels should at least be up to 10 and above, and pre-set programs up to 5 so that you can have more customization for challenging training.  
  • Hand rail support: For the elderly, this feature is essential. It will assist them by holding the handle during training, providing stability.   
  • Resistance band: This is good for those who want to strengthen and build muscles in their hands and core area. It helps your workout to be more challenging.  
  • Display screen: People need to look for a unit with an LED display to help them view workout progress, such as speed, time, heart rate, etc. Only advanced models come with this feature. 

In summary, the things to consider are also the pricing. Expensive ones have more robust features. On a budget side, when people invest in a $250 vibration machine, they’ll get better quality. Also, check the security, usually referred to as the warranty window. You can patronize a reputable company offering at least a 1-year warranty. However, two years is better.    

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are whole-body vibration machines evil for you? 

As much as you don’t have any medical condition or are pregnant, it is not bad for you. 

  • Do whole-body vibration machines help you lose weight?

Regular use and maintaining a healthy diet that’s fewer calories can help people lose weight. 

  • Are whole-body vibration machines safe?

Yes, they are very safe to use. We advise aged people to get a model that comes with a handrail since the category of people has little or no strength. This handrail will aid as support. 


In a nutshell, you’ve read through the article about vibration machines, their usefulness, how to use them, who can and cannot use and also the review section. We hope and believe by now; you understand this device and how to incorporate it into your morning or evening workout. If so, thanks for stopping by to be one of our audience.
Enjoy your day!