The Best Steam Shower Generator Reviews Consumer Reports of 2022

When evaluating steam generators, you’re trying to size which one falls into the best deal. I’ve had a couple of people talk about this bathroom appliance and how it has been helpful in the icy time of the year. If you live in colder countries, especially Canada, you’ll know how it feels to wake up that early morning, and the temperature has dropped to a negative figure.

The Best Steam Shower Generator Analysis: (2020 – 2022); A – Z

Bathing could be your most significant worry as cold keeps biting your tender skin. Going to the kitchen to boil water might be the best culture for some people, but do you know that a shower steam generator is my solution? If you want to find out why, read the whole post, as I’ve shared all that I know with CRM team and could be helpful if you’re looking forward to investing in this bathroom apparatus.

As we proceed further, some of the best home steam bath generators I recommended for CRM homes are shown in the comparison table. I sorted those units of the top-rated and high-quality models as seen in most online store and local vendors. For the best residential steam shower generator, ensure to check relatively the relevant specifications of your choice, compare various units and identify a particular product with such details.

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What is a steam bath? 

In history, steam baths date back to the Roman and Greek empires over 12,000 years ago and are usually for relaxation and cleansing purposes. Many of its citizens used the roman public bath during the Roman Empire irrespective of their social status. And this makes it possible for them to access the bath provided by the natural hot spring supplied via underground. In the process of time, Archaeological craft in the city of Hambukol reveals the possibility of using its room as a steam bath, marking the evolution of steam rooms.

steam shower generator England, uk,

Historical data still trace this spa bath down to England. While the ancient steam bath was from natural sources, an artificial source supplied by a steam generator for showers makes it possible to install one in your bathroom. Meanwhile, a steam bath is an enclosed room filled with steam generated by a machine in the modern day. Most people use them for relaxing and relieving medical condition. 

What is a steam generator? 

Though technology has made it easier to access a hot shower right inside your bathing room, a steam generator is needed to create this spa bath. A steam generator is a machine for heating water to produce steam. It requires installing the shower system to it inorder to regulate the temperature level as desired by you. A steam bath generator is different from those used in industries, locomotive trains, etc. it comes in a portable design for in-house and outdoor mounting. A typical example of a steam shower generator is available in Amazon stores. Different brands and sizes are available, so your bath space dimension will have to be consider when it comes to choosing. Nevertheless, that’ll be discussed in the latter part as relating to guidelines and features of a good steam generator. 

Does Steam Bath Room Have Any Health Benefits?

Does Steam Bath Room Have Any Health Benefits?

As an old culture practiced in the ancient Greek and Romans Empires, using hot (warm) springs, a steam bath was adopted for health purposes. Even in some parts of Africa, some people inhale steam from a local concoction (usually made for typhoid and malaria treatment, and this practice has been in existence for centuries). While the earliest men were unable to tap into the realm of a steam bath entirely, the evolution of steam rooms made it possible for scientists to discover numerous benefits of steam therapy. The list is as follows: 

  • Clear congestion 

For people that often experience blocked airways caused by mucous, a steam bath can help clear the nostril and make your breath better. Steam rooms are primarily functional during cold symptoms to warm up the body system. If you’re battling an allergy-like cough or catarrh, steam showering would improve your condition but shouldn’t be a replacement for over-the-counter treatment (OTC). 

  • Improve skin health 

A steam bath causes you to sweat, and this process helps open the pores and thus cleanse the skin. How is this possible? The warm condensation rinses away dead skin dirt that can degenerate into skin breakout. Steam room showering is also an essential procedure in acne treatment

  • Blood pressure regulation

According to a study, bathing with steam helps the body release an aldosterone hormone which helps in lowering people’s blood pressure (BP). Therefore, a steam room is an excellent option if you face BP because the cooling effect keeps you in a relaxing mood while regulating your heart rate. 

  • Bronchitis

Just like humidifiers are good for easing bronchitis, a warm bath inside a steam room or inhaling steam during showering loses phlegm and helps reduce complex breathing problems during bronchitis.

  • Improve circulation 

When blood vessels are dilated, it hinders body circulation activities. However, staying in steam rooms helps enlarge the blood arteries as the heat changes the body temperature, causing blood vessels to function correctly.

Risks Associated With Steam Rooms

Sure, steam rooms have their benefits, but it is also wise to know the risks involved. Finding shows staying too long in a steam room, like more than 15 (fifteen) minutes, can cause dehydration. If you don’t want to be dehydrated, endeavor not to stay too long inside. 

Bacteria and germs can also build up in steam rooms as the steam being produced are not hot enough to kill them. Therefore, it is advised to clean it often and not spend too much time inside, as said earlier.

People with specific conditions such as the ones listed below are not advised to use steam rooms irrespective of the benefits:

  • Pregnant women 
  • History of stroke 
  • Heart problems 
  • Battling with coronary artery disease 
  • Experiencing low blood pressure 
  • Just undergone or recovery from surgery 
  • Having bacteria attack skin infection

For severe conditions of the form listed in the benefits section, steam rooms are not a treatment option. It is only a bath solution, but the excellent aspect has made us recommend its use. Therefore, studies have seen it as a bathing option, not a medical solution. Possible before getting one for yourself, consult your doctor to know if it is suitable for your health status; this way, you’ll be safe from risks. 

Steam Rooms Vs. Sauna Are They The Same?

They are not the same but perform a similar function, and both allow you are sitting inside steam. Sauna is more petite and produces hotter dry heat than that steam rooms. Here is a typical example of a sauna.  

Generally, a sauna uses an electric heater, stoves, or hot rock to produce steam, unlike steam rooms that use steam generators to heat water passing through its vacuum. Sauna is also beneficial to keep you relaxing and the losing muscles, just like a steam room. Illustration of a steam room here.  

Why you may be wondering which one is best, the humidity option offered by steam rooms makes them better in the eyes of the majority. 

How To Find The Best Steam Shower Generator 

Every prospective buyer wants the best of the best when picking a steam shower generator for their bathing room. Getting the right option is essential for not wasting your money. In making the decision, many factors account for, which are enumerated below;

The volume of the steam room:

No one steam generator has the power you cover different steam room sizes. Every unit has its coverage capacity or ratings, and this information can be accessed on the body of the respective gadget written by the manufacturers. Therefore, to know the exact size of your facility, you need to know its length and then go into the market with the figure gotten to pick what matches the value. To determine the volume of your steam room area, use the manual steam generator calculator formula:

Find the length, width, and height and multiply the figure by 2. For example, L= 12, Width = 10 and H = 13 

Volume = 12 x 10 x13 x 2 = 3120 cubic feet.

After calculating the volume, use the figure gotten to size the suitable machine that can power your space—however, the bigger the steam room, the more capable device is required. 

Power consumption: 

While the heating bill could scare people into investing in this shower appliance, it is good to know that running a steam shower generator is pretty not expensive as you might’ve thought. The amount of energy used is dependent on the size shower room; the bigger the size, the more steam to be released, and the more energy consumption. However, it’s always the best idea to look for energy-saving rated units such as the KOHLER K-5533-NA 5533-NA Invigoration STEAM Generator or any alternative found in the market. 


When buying a steam generator for a shower room, the dimension is vital to consider. I’m sure you don’t want something that will occupy the whole space in your bathroom. Hence, for smaller areas, a small footprints generator would be excellent. Nevertheless, if your property is larger, you have no option to choose a bigger capacity, and this dimension will also increase. In essence, the size should fit without requiring much space. 


This factor is only significant when strategizing the installation process. The heaviest unit may be challenging to lift during installation. The steam generator should not be too heavy to ease the installer or plumber’s task.    

Start time: 

From findings, different steam generators have time to heat water, and from tested products by users, most unit takes 10 minutes. However, advanced units can heat up faster. You’ve to check the required time it will take to produce steam for the prospective choice. However, most large-capacity generators need more time to warm up the water. 

Automatic drain:

This feature helps drain any unused water from the device and helps maintain it as stagnant water may have a corrosive effect, even causing bacteria and germs to grow once the water is cooled down. But most people neglect this aspect; we, therefore, advise you to check for it or check the SteamSPA Shower Generator featuring this self-draining function. 

Control panel: 

An easy-to-read and understood control panel will help you have the most effortless operation when showering. Complex designs could make some people challenging to use, especially if you’ve visitors (guests). Features like timer setting are also great, as it helps you determine how long you want to spend while bathing and turns off once the required reaches. Also, models with automatic timers help turn off the generator once the timer turns off, making it a user-friendly and hassle-free operation. 

Noise level:

One of the most critical aspects is the noise level. If you live in a rented apartment or have kids at home, you wouldn’t want to wake them up each time you use your steam generator. Though most products out tend to be noise friendly, the level but a check still needs to be done to get the quietest one possible. 


Another vital aspect is the warranty. Steam generators are luxury items and can cost up to a thousand dollars and above. You don’t want to risk your investment as the case may be for some defaulting shipped unknowingly. Manufacturers and vendors that offer a warranty of at least not less than one year and above are worth it. 

Steam Shower Generator Installation (How To Install)

Installing a steam shower generator is not for the armature since it costs a fortune to acquire one. We do not recommend a do-it-yourself installation unless you’re a licensed plumber. Therefore, this section is for installers or anyone who want to learn the technicality of mounting and connecting steam shower generators. 

If you’re an expert in this field, the installation will be a work-over process as your years of experience and knowledge would give you an edge. Basics steps to follow;

#1. Identify the area of installation:

There are different areas to install a steam generator, such as the attic, closet, vanity, and crawl space, including under your steam shower—Mark out the area properly. The closer the site to the steam shower will reduce the number of piping and electrical wiring. This will also determine the easy water supply to your shower head and the machine’s draining when not in use. You may also consider the accessibility should in servicing and maintenance needs. 

#2. Install the water feed:

For the water feed, use copper or brass only. Do not use pex (polyethylene or PVC). 

#3. Connect (attached) the steam line:

The steam line refers to the steam head, and it should be connected 6 to 12 inches from your shower floor. 

#4. Install the drain line:

1-inch required gap for indirect drain system. But for more options, check your area’s local plumbing code.

Also, check for a pressure relief valve, trap, vent, and receptor requirements from your national and local plumbing code. 

#5. Electrical wiring: 

Before beginning any electrical wiring, ensure to switch off the power supply. To do this, follow the steps:

  • Use copper wire only. Follow your local electrical code requirement while also ensuring it matches the device amperage rating. 
  • Install a circuit breaker. This will be a power disconnect between the circuit and the steam generator. Then plug in the machine to the circuit.

#6. Test your installation: 

After completing the entire process, switch on the power switch. Read through the user manual on using and operating the steam generator correctly. 

After turning on the machine, leave it to run for about 15 minutes to check if everything is working fine. Otherwise, make any necessary adjustments. 

Congratulation on the successful installation!!!

Top 6 Best Steam Generators for Shower Recommendation

1. Mr. Steam MSSUPER2EC1 Residential Steam Generators

Mr. Steam MSSUPER2EC1 Residential Steam Generators

If you’re looking for a Mr. Steam shower generator, this unit is one of the top-rated products from the brand we recommend. It has been tested and supplies steam optimally. You can install about 60 feet far from the shower system and still powerful to push hot water effectively without the dropping – if possible, mount it on another floor; you’ll get the required steam desired. It can deliver over 2 gallons of water within 20 minutes, making it an eco-conscious for luxury bathing option. The compact construction won’t require plenty of space; it’s just the size of a briefcase.   


  • 12kilowat 
  • 240 volts 
  • Temperature probe 
  • Space-saving 
  • Made with stainless-steel 

From findings, it is an excellent residential bath steam generating machine, but it’s pretty expensive, costing up to $1,500. With the price tag, we advise you to check other products in the lower range unless you can afford this one. If you can land, there’s no regret because you’ll have a lifetime limited warranty. 

2. Kohler K-5529-NA Invigoration Steam Generator

Kohler K-5529-NA Invigoration Steam Generator

The Kohler is another alternative option for anyone looking for a 9kW steam shower generator. This unit is most costly compared to the Mr. Steam; though its 9-kilowatt capacity, every brand rating differs. Therefore, basing our judgment on this parameter could be inaccurate. Nevertheless, it is designed to deliver output as fast as 60 seconds. The continuous steam option delivers mist consistently, significantly minimizing temperature fluctuations. Uniquely, its insulated stainless steel construction regulates the temperature while ensuring the case is safe to touch. More so, it’s cost-effective to clean and maintain, thanks to the automatic cleaning mode.      


  • 9kW
  • 1 volt
  • Three years limited warranty 
  • 240 cubic feet maximum volume rating-custom showering applications 

What are customers saying? 

Steve S says – generate steam quickly, and the power clean function is a nice feature. The drawback requires a lot of power; therefore, new owners may need a 60A circuit breaker, which adds to the overall cost. The display light is too bright. It could’ve been better if there was a way to adjust it. 

Ian says – I am pleased. I got this unit, though my contractor recommends going for a lower kilowatt. I’m glad I went for a higher-end as I wanted a very steam unit. The steam helps clear sinuses, relieves distress, and makes bathing luxurious. Overall, it’s an excellent design and a beautiful look. Highly recommend it this steamy bath device. 

3. Steamspa Shower Generator Kit System

Steam Shower Generator Kit System

While the price of this sauna shower generator is up to $2,500, it’s because it comes in a complete bundle. Meaning everything you’ll need for the installation is available. No extra material is required; hence, straight from the market, installation can begin without delay of outsourcing materials to connect it.  

The touchpad temperature control tablet is one of the unbeatable features this steam spa offers – with this, you can control the device remotely, unlike the manual mode of operation seen in rivals units. 

This steam generator is powered by a quick start and within 2 minutes, start enjoying a warm (hot sauna) bath. While showering, you can diffuse essential oil into your vapor steam for a more relaxing and medicating feeling, thanks to the aromatherapy compartment. 

The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi let you connect to your phone to listen to the radio, favorite music, podcast, etc. Incorporating this means a complete sauna sensation experience.    


  • Speakers
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection 
  • Complete room steam bundle 
  • Risk-free purchase (lifetime limited warranty) – replace or repair any products or defective parts. 

What’re customers saying?

Jerry Woz says – I love this unit. However, I’m a generator contractor, but tricky connecting the wire because the instruction did not detail how to connect the smaller wire. Nevertheless, it delivers plenty of steam and doesn’t disappoint. I’ve two units of the Steamspa and won’t hesitate to order for third one if need be. Another user, John Coelho, said plenty of steam powering a 5 x 7 shower room size. The LED light is excellent, and I equally love the Bluetooth speakers. To add, MAD said great steamer for the money – I love the color, aroma, Terapia, and sound.

The above consumer reports were some of the few samples we could add to this write-up, and we believe hearing from verified users will help you make a better decision. 

4. CGOLDENWALL 6KW Commercial Self-Draining Steam Generator Shower

CGOLDENWALL 6KW Commercial Self-Draining Steam Generator Shower

You’ll love this steam generator shower system because of its fast water heating timing. With an intelligent controller, you can regulate between 95 – 131℉ and set the timer from 30 to 12 hours. If your shower room is small to large size, this is a perfect choice as its design of 212 cubic feet of space. It doesn’t require plenty of installation area; you can mount it close to the shower or vanity. Nevertheless, you might need a professional installation unless you’re good at plumbing and electrical wiring. If you live in the USA, there is no neutral wiring, only wire two hotlines, L1 and L2. ALSO, AT LEAST 40A circuit breaker will be required.

Important note for the installer: wiring this appliance in countries of 110volts such as Canada, Mexico, and the United States, just connect the wire to the two hotlines (L1 & L2); no neutral is required. While for 210volts countries, simply click the wires to hot L and neutral line N. Nevertheless, see the diagram below on how to connect it.



  • Water storage
  • LED display  
  • Temperature adjustment 
  • Overheat protection 
  • Automatic water inlet 
  • Automatic drainage   

In summary, we love this unit because users can set the working time between 30 minutes to 12 hours of operation, and you quickly adjust temperature level and the intelligent touch controller. In addition, the steam head is compatible with essential oils as a way of relaxation during a bath.

5. Elite steam shower generator

Elite steam shower generator

If you’re looking for a steam shower generator from the Elite brand, this 7.5-kilowatt machine could be considered. It comes portable, requiring lesser mounting areas, unlike bulky footprints unit. It is made with high-quality stainless materials, rust, and corrosion-free resistance for years of steam in bathroom delivery. Easy to install, but you might require a professional to help in the connection unless you’re familiar with the process. Everything needed for the installation is available in this steam shower machine bundle. The USA steam generator comes with plenty of warranty, and one of the topmost ones is the ten years attached to the part only.     



  • Safe to operate 
  • 240 volts requirement 
  • Robust warranty 
  • Installation kits 

What are customers saying?

Matt D, a verified buyer in 2021, was pleased with the purchase of the elite team. It is cheaper than the competitors with extra add-ons that would’ve cost 2x but are still outstanding. I also enjoyed excellent customer service support via emails and phone calls. 

Gwen Gregory says – I’ve had this unit for almost a year now, and it works perfectly; no issues so far. Well-constructed, it’s like a commercial steamer for SPA. In conclusion, this unit must be installed for any future home he’ll buy. 

While reviewers’ reports are signals to tell you about the good and bad side of a product’s buts, it’s wise to contact customers care or relate physically with people around your neighborhood of the unit they’re using to avoid investing wrongly.   


6. Superior Steam Shower Generator DeLuxe

Superior Steam Shower Generator

The superior is another choicest hot water heating appliance for bathroom showers or sauna. It is rated 6kw capacity, but other higher grades are available in a higher price range. The brand has been in the market for over 15 years delivering high-quality steam shower kits. As such, this unit from them is designed to provide responsive performance. You can never run out of hot water. It comes with an aromatherapy steam head, meaning you can use essential oil alongside for your steam bath. Its automatic self-draining increases the life span of your machine, as it helps drain unused water steadily. 


  • Self-drain 
  • Digital controller 
  • Temperature sensor
  • Detachable temperature probe  
  • Programmable time/temperature control

What steam room size is it ideal for?

As a 6 kilowatt unit, the manufacturer recommends it for a 140 – 320 little cubic feet enclosure. 

Steam shower kit: It comes with a complete kit such as the controller, temperature probe, and aromatherapy steam head.  

Frequently Asked Questions 
  • How does a steam shower work?

The steam shower’s mechanism is supported by a steam generator that heats water and supplies it to the shower kit. Therefore, without the generator, it’s impossible to shower with steam. 

  • How often steam bath should be taken?

There is no limitation to a steam bath. A steam shower bath is just like your traditional everyday showering. Nevertheless, for caution, twice daily is not bad (morning and evening) or daily as the case may be. 

  • How to clean a steam shower generator?        

This gadget doesn’t require intensive maintenance; simply use a clean cloth or towel to wipe it. But ensure the circuit or electric supply source (socket) is switch-off before starting the cleaning. 

  • Are steam showers any good?

Steam bath showering has numerous good; it restores the body from a stress state, is excellent for relieving sinusitis, and congestion, healthy skin, and improves circulation, detoxification, and exercise recovery.      

  • How to or size a steam shower generator  

We’ve discussed that previously; you can click this link to read the requirement. From there, you’ll be able to know the steam generator size appropriate for you. 

  • What are steam shower pros and cons? 

Nothing is 100% out rightly; as reading earlier, some of the benefits includes stress-relieving, dissolving blocked nostrils (airway passages), some say helps lose weight, etc. 

While the disadvantage is cost demanding, setting up a budget for steam room, generator, and installation costs. It also requires a good planning time, and there might be a situation of scalding and health risks.   

  • What size steam shower generator do I need?

According to the size of your bath space. Use this formula to determine the measurement in cubic feet; L x W x H x 2 = Answer, where L = length, W= width, H= height