The Best Mattress For Pregnancy Guide | Discussion | Recommendations

Buying a suitable mattress for pregnancy is worth it. Gestation comes with many uncomfortable moments and challenges that may throw you off balance. During pregnancy, your overall health translates into your baby’s wellbeing. Eating a balanced diet is not enough; you also need a good sleeping habit to sustain your unborn child and you for the nine-month cycle. Few pregnant women could differentiate between good and bad mattresses that are good for them before the arrival of their baby. If you don’t belong to this class, this article will enlighten you on the best mattress for pregnancy and how to find a budget-friendly one. You may also need an adjustable bed base with your mattress to sit up while in your bed by raising the head side above the feet region.

The Best Mattress For Pregnancy Guide | Discussion | Recommendations

Interestingly, it’ll amaze you. Among thousands of mattresses available in the market, no manufacturer has ever designed a mattress specifically for pregnancy days. Instead, pregnancy pillows have been the ones trending among pregnant women. Consequently, these pillows cannot provide you with the exclusive comforts a complete body mattress offers. They come in small sizes, meaning you cannot change position freely as you’ll typically do while on bed due to the limited surface area. Thus a concern for having a pregnancy mattress is inevitable. If you cannot afford a new bed, purchasing a mattress topper for your existing bed is an alternative option. Based on our research and findings, reading the entire publication is helpful to minimizing sleeping discomfort in gestation as regards the kind of mattress required.

What is pregnancy?

Off course, it is only women that can get pregnant, and such a person would have attain puberty stage, seeing her menstrual flow. If you’re of age, and you haven’t see your monthly discharge, there is possibility that you maybe pregnant. Though, infection can also make you not experience menstrual sometimes. However, when this occurs, it is advice to check with your doctor to confirm if you’re pregnant or not. You can as well get some pregnancy test kit for at home testing. Hence, pregnancy simply mean, when a fetus develops inside of a woman’s womb (uterus). And the average time it takes to give birth is 9 months or 40 weeks. US National institute of health talks about trimesters of pregnancy.     

How Do You Know You Are Pregnant?

There many signs that indicate pregnancy development. If you missed your monthly period, feeling of consistent throwing, swelling legs, vomiting, fatigue, frequent urination, among others are early signs of pregnancy. If you’re sure, haven’t met with a man in the last one month, it may not be pregnancy, otherwise, it is. To erase the dilemma and be sure, it’s best to conduct a pregnancy test as said earlier. Visit a registered medical laboratory or hospital for check-up.

Will A Pregnancy Mattress Be Helpful

If the test comes out positive, then it’s a great joy. Getting ready for your baby will be the next thing but before the nine months is over, how you sleep would matters.

A pregnancy mattress would be your companion and must be a type that can allow you sleep on your side as most pregnant women automatically turn side sleepers due to the baby weight pressure.

Hence, a mattress can be of great help if the one you’ve can allow you spend the night comfortably.  A short change of this, may require you getting a new mattress irrespective of your old one as your comfort is paramount.

What kind of mattress is best for sleeping when pregnant?

Though there’re many types of mattresses on the market, not all of them are good for use during pregnancy. A sleeping mattress for a pregnant woman shouldn’t be too firm or soft. A too-firm bed can cause pain, and a too soft one will dip you into the mattress.

So what type is best for a pregnant mom to be?

Look for a medium-plush feel origin mattress. It could be memory foam, gel foam, or air mattress type. A spring mattress that offers a medium feel is not bad as well. 

A medium-firm mattress is recommended during pregnancy as you’re more likely to sleep on your side. Therefore, high firmness would result in side pains, and too soft will make you bulge inside the mattress, as such an average firmness will keep you in the right proportion and comfort level.

Below are some suggestions sorted and checked for reliability and ultimate comfort. 

Top 6 Mattress for pregnancy Recommendation

1. TUFT & NEEDLE – Original Full Foam Mattress

TUFT & NEEDLE - Original Full Foam Mattress

The first product in this discussion comes from the Tuft and Needle brand and suitable for pregnancy desire. It comes with a one hundred night trial use, meaning as a pregnant woman, you can return it if it’s not providing the comfort as expected. Indeed, this mattress will never disappoint you. Even the ten years warranty on it proves its reliability. Moreover, it’s a popular product among customers as it has received reviews of up to 15,000+, making it one of the best mattresses during pregnancy we recommend.  

This made in USA mattress is universally for all kinds of sleeping positions, though you’re expected to stay on your side most of the time during pregnancy. Nevertheless, switching to your regular sleep style will not be hindered after childbirth as the Tuft and Needle supports all sleep styles. 

More so, the mattress boast of advanced material that is better than memory and latex foam, and this technology keeps you cool by pulling away heat, thanks to the graphite property that does it. The surface is wrapped with a breathable plush cover; hence comfort is guaranteed. 

The overall point is that it’s designed with chemical-free materials. Therefore, no odor to harm your baby. It’s the highest and standard quality and certified by Certipur-US. 

We haven’t tested this product on a pregnant woman, but with the information available, sure no compromised, you’d love it. If you’re not too sure of this investment, we encourage you to purchase a pregnancy pillow or check other mattresses below. 

2. Olee Sleep 10 inch Aquarius Memory Foam

Olee Sleep 10 inch Aquarius Memory Foam

Pressure points experiences are inevitable for pregnant women. Your baby’s weight will continue aggravating pressures, and as the child grows, the pressure will double up. What you can do is to ensure sleeping on a mattress that will not contribute to your discomfort. Among pregnancy mattresses to consider is the Olee brand.

This mattress is designed with Aquarius memory foam, known for the highest weight support and best for your present condition. Pregnancy will make you weightier, and thus a bed that must be used during this time mustn’t have to sink you inside. Most importantly, the Olee maintains body shape, offering responsive contouring.

With this Aquarius foam, you’ll never have to suffer heat problems. The gel helps disperse temperature, stopping it from accumulating, thereby calming your stay. Besides, the airflow ventilation best reduces hotness. The Olee is also breathable. 

Though up to 11,000 verified customer reviews are attached, only 0.5 percent of this cohort may have been pregnant. As such, a mattress for general use, including during pregnancy days.  

3. Subrtex 12 Inch Mattress Gel Memory Mattress

Subrtex 12 Inch Mattress Gel Memory Mattress

We recommend the Subrtex for those looking for a 12-inch thickness mattress. You’ll love the medium feel for pregnancy discomfort management. Recall, as earlier said, too firm mattresses would increase pressure points, likewise softer ones won’t support your pounds. A medium-feel such as the Subrtex offers can help ease discomforts. The properties of the Subrtex make it exceptional from competitive mattresses. Its design consists of three layers of foam, such as a three-inch gel-infused foam that provides a cooling effect, 2-inch comfort foam, and the base layers give your comprehensive body stability. The wideness will accommodate both your hubby and you, so that he can keep petting you as well, as pregnancy can be so challenging.

Why use the mattress?

You’ll be able to remove the layer cover occasionally for fresh air to enter inside, protecting it from odor. Deciding on which pregnancy bed to buy could be tasking but sure, with up to ten years warranty back up attached to this SUBTRTEX, it is worth the purchase and peace of mind. 

A happy customer such as TAV was impressed with the purchase in 2019. The buyer said the price it was given is dim too low compared to the mattress’s quality—no smell on removing the zipper cover. Therefore, your unborn child is safe because the mother isn’t inhaling bedding odor. 

According to the words of DJ, I got ultimate comfort from using this Subrtex mattress. I always felt cool as air flows through the bed. Also, the ten years warranty, makes it a secured purchase.   

4. IYEE NATURE Ful size Mattress

This is another pregnancy choice mattress to consider. A night of restful sleep is irresistible. The medium feel offer by the Nature mattress would take care of your pregnancy sleep demand. The construction is supportive and pressure-relieving to keep discomfort at bay. It is a three-layer system bed featuring gel memory foam as the topmost level, a 2.5-inch comfort layer in the middle, and a 7 inch high solid foam serving as the base. Also, it featured a skin-friendly washable cover.

It can fit an adjustable frame, slate base, or box spring, no matter your frame type. You can decide to mount it directly on the floor. The foam used in making the Iyee Nature is tested and certified by Certi-PUR-US for high performance. As for the cost, it is reasonably priced owing to the quality it offers.     

Ginar’s purchase of this mattress was really please as regards the comfort it provides. Her previous bed leaves her every morning with backaches, and most times, she will wake up several times during the night, but with this Iyee, the story has changed for the better

5. Sleep Innovations Shiloh Medium Firm Mattress

Sleep Innovations Shiloh Medium Firm Mattress

The sleep innovation aligns appropriately to the body and is supportive to the back. The cradle ability and the mid feeling it offers (not too soft and too firm), makes it a choice for all sleep positions. Therefore, your mattress can still be relevant after childbirth unless you decide to dispose it while switching back to your former one.

Meanwhile, the twelve-inch mattress is dual-layer with memory foam and a mattress topper. Sleeping on this bed can help minimize pressure points that build up in pregnancy, alleviating discomforting moments.

While expecting your baby in some months’ time, it is also essential you rest well both in the day and night as this will keep you active through conception. Nevertheless, this foam is not as expensive, reasonably priced, and on most online stores, you’ll be able to get it for a fee of three hundred dollars plus (or $400 at most). It is safe to use because Certi-PUR-US cleared it and didn’t emit any harmful smell. Overall, ten years buyers warranty. 

6. Subrtex 4 Inch Bed Mattress Topper with Cooling Pad  

Subrtex 4 Inch Bed Mattress Topper with Cooling Pad  

If you’re specifically looking for a mattress topper for pregnancy, the Subrtex 4-inch may be the consideration. It is designed with gel-infused memory foam and a ventilating topper foam for airflow, reducing body heat, eliminating motion transfers, and relieving body stress. The outer surface is wrapped with a removable and washable bamboo cover fabrics. The fabric is skin-friendly, and the zipper design allows for easy removal. The straps attached to the Subrtex make it possible to fit mattresses of 12-inch depth. This offer comes with ten years confidence warranty backup.

Why buy this mattress topper during pregnancy?

Apart from the extra comfort value it provides, it is budget-friendly. For pregnant women who don’t want to invest in a new mattress but want to use their existing bed, purchasing a topper to place on it will save you a lot. It will also prolong your mattress’s life span, making it fresh and clean. Most relevantly, it changes the texture of your bed. However, you’ll need a softer mattress topper for pregnancy because a bit of firmness may be tense on your body.

  • Which type of mattress is best for pregnancy?

The products shortlisted in the comparison and the review section are most suitable. However, any form of medium firmness is also the best type to consider.

  • Is a soft or firm mattress better for pregnancy?

If it is too soft, your weight may sink you inside, which is not suitable for your present condition and, if it’s too firm, can cause aches. Therefore, not too soft or firm a mattress will do you better, helping to relieve pressure points.

  • Is memory foam safe during pregnancy?

So far. There are no studies that say memory foam is not good. Most pregnant women use them due to the level of support it provides, plus the temperature control, reducing body hotness. 


It is every woman’s joy to have babies and be called a mother, but before this happens, pregnancy must occur. During this period, you’ll crave for different kinds of food, and your behavior can equally change than you’ll normally behave. If it is your first pregnancy, sleeping would be pretty challenging as no prior experience to which style of sleep positions would do you good. While in the clueless struggle of achieving a proper sleeping pattern, the right pregnancy mattress will also need to be considered. If not, you’ll be finding it difficult to gain a night of restful sleep before childbirth. This is why we have taken the time to put this article featuring top six rated best pregnancy mattress for women who need one. The review of each, detailed the features with consumer reports (buyers) to guide you in wise decisions. However, investing in a new mattress is unnecessary if your existing one can offer a medium plush feeling. Better still, buying mattress toppers to add to your bed could save you more cost. 

We hope this publication helps find a suitable pregnancy mattress. Should you find it difficult to choose yourself, endeavor to contact us via;, and we’ll be glad to recommend you.