6 of the best massage chair of 2022

After researching the world of massaging chairs, we discovered that the right massage chair is not hard to find; you can note what we will discuss today in these best massage chair consumer reports. While the list of the best massage chair in the market may be unending as many products are being introduced daily, understanding the different types of massage chairs and judging which one will provide optimal performance is a must-call.

The truth behind massage chairs, whether reclining or zero gravity models, is that all kinds of massage chairs’ purpose are to help you ease body pains and relax you while relieving stress undergone during the days’ work (routine). The fact is that having a massage at home pays a lot more compared to hiring a professional service that is always expensive and also requires you to leave your home to their center.

If you want to save money while eliminating the inconveniences of going to massaging centers, you need to choose any of these products in our best massage chair consumer reports to meet this need. Nevertheless, please check other blogs featuring massaging chairs if you don’t find any worthy.

6 Best Massage Chair Reviews

1. Relaxonchair MK-II Plus

This massage chair comes with durable leather materials, and it’s easy to clean and wipe. Therefore, you’ll use it for years without looking forward to replacing it anytime soon. Besides, leather materials are easier to maintain than wool, cotton, etc.  

The manufacturer recommends the Relaxon II for those not weighing more than 280 lbs. If you’re considering higher weight, it’s preferable to look at the Mk Classis or the MK VP, which can accommodate users up to 300 and 320 lbs. If you’re taller than 6’2″ in height, the MK-2 won’t be suitable for you because it is designed for 5’2″ – to 6’2″.   

A full body massage such as this Relaxon II allows users to recline to a zero-gravity level, offering them an intensive massage for muscle pain and aches to give out. Just imagine combining the zero gravity positioning with five selectable back massage techniques. That’ll be a lot of experience to strengthen tired body muscles and prepare for the next day’s job. Below are the following types of massage techniques you can perform using the Relaxon II, including heat mode:

  • Kneading
  • Knocking 
  • Tapping 
  • Shaista 
  • Kneading and combo tapping

The above various techniques are unique depending on your preference per time, which should influence you to choose the appropriate one. 

  • Body Scanning:

This machine will scan your body each time you start a session. Thus it can measure your body length, recognize your body curves and shapes, and detect pressure points to enable the MK II to customize an accurate massage needed to stay active and well-being. 

  • Body stretch:

The innovative foot and backrest recline simultaneously so that the foot and calf airbags can tighten your legs, thus creating an arch-like posture. The body stretch design also helps in back pain pressure relief. Don’t miss out on this MK II massage chair if you want to give your body structure a total stretch per se. 

  • Origin and Set up:

This exercise chair has a dual origin. That is to say; the design was crafted in the USA while the finishing was in China. Therefore, this is a made in the USA or China massaging chair for those targeting both country products.  

As for setup, the only thing required is to attach the footrest to the parent’s body as it comes almost completely assembled. 

  • Easy setup
  • Remote control operation
  • Provides maximum comfort
  • It has wheels located at the back, making it easy to transport within the facility
  • The remote backlit is not too bright
  • The beeping sound when selecting the mode is quite louder before it stops and not adjustable.
  • Bulky and heavy
  • User height and weight limitation

2. Osaki Os 3d Pro Cyber Massage Chair

Conclusively on the previous products above, it’s genuinely an excellent massage chair with robust features anyone will desire for a good massage experience. But if you want a product that offers 3D massage mode, upgrading to the Osaki cyber is necessary to access a 3D therapy massage. The 3D technology has five different intensity levels, moderate to extreme. 

When you are looking at the black color finishing, there is no way the os pro 3d cyber will not draw people’s attention at first sight. While the Relaxonchair featured a leather material, the OS-Pro comes with Polyurethane, which lasts longer compared to materials found in traditional chairs. Also, a paradigm shift from the zero gravity positioning found in the PHX model, a two-stage zero gravity level that’s what you’re going to be enjoying on the Osaki cyber massage chair.  

  • Number of Airbags:

There are 36 airbags in the Osaki, and they’re located in strategic places such as the lumbar, shoulder, hip area, and calf and foot region, helping to enhance your message desire. 

  • Automatic Leg and Body Scan:

The Osaki calf and a foot massager can adjust to any individual leg length. Therefore, whether you’re taller or shorter is not an issue; the device will adjust to fit your leg size. More so, this chair scans different individuals’ bodies once they sit on it, and this helps the massaging device detect and size your body accurately for the best therapy result. 

  • Other features:

In the Osaki, you’ll access nine pre-set massage programs, lower heat therapy treatment, and remote control. The features also include an mp3 player, instructional manuals, etc. 

  • Zero gravity positioning relieves lower back pressure pain around the spinal cord.
  • Optional heat massage therapy
  • Easy to use the remote system
  • Computerized body scan
  • Five levels intensity massage
  • Lacks shiatsu, kneading, knocking massage mode
  • It is not for tech-wise people

3. Nouhaus massage chair

While prices can hinder, among other competitive features, the Neuhaus is one the best massage chairs under 2000 dollars, yet it has unique characteristics. It is cheaper than the Osaki and the Relaxon PHX, but that doesn’t mean it’s less quality. 

A zero gravity massage is not achievable with this Noauhaus, but that doesn’t mean users cannot recline on it. The whole body massager will work on your body muscles, relaxes you, and relieves lower-back pain; thus, an experience only a dedicated massager can offer.  

Compared with rival models, the comfy lounge chair is less bulky and occupies less space, unlike the Relaxon and the Osaki more giant footprints. The 90-degree swivel design gives the ottoman edge as the user can carry out a swivel massage.  

Features explained 

  • Neck and shoulder massage:

Not all massage chairs offer neck and shoulder massage, but this Neuhaus will let you achieve this, thanks to the four adjustable rotating nodes underneath the shoulder and neck pillow.

  • Iframe Track:

This feature has eight massage nodes that move up and down, helping to massage your lower and upper back. 

  • Custom airbags:

These airbags are only found in the hip and glutes region. When you activate it, massages your gluteal and hips. 

  • Heat massage seat:

The Neuhaus comes featuring a seat that can be heated up to 45 degrees Celsius, and this is good for deep relaxation, massaging, and waking up your buttocks muscles to stay active. 

  • Inbuilt remote control:

This built-in remote is another excellent anesthetic that conveniently allows you to operate the device. The remote is located on the right-hand rest side for easy control. 

  • Feature genuine Cowhide leather
  • Heat function
  • Airbags and roller massage
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lacks zero gravity level
  • Few massage modes

4. STRONGLITE Portable Massage Chair

This massage chair comes in a portable and lightweight design, making it possible for easy transport. It is also foldable; therefore, storing the Strong lite chair won’t require much hassle and space-saving. One of the reasons this product is one of the best massage chairs in this consumer reports compilation is the durable T6 aluminum. The heavy-duty frame can carry a maximum load of up to 600lbs compared to the previous Lite Vortex and Lite Avila design to hold an individual with lesser weight. You can compare the various model’s importance from the comparison table. This Ergo Pro II comes with an adjustable pad t to help you custom comfort and can be removed from the parent body. Other features that can also be adjusted include the seat, head, arm, and chest parts of the StrongLite.

  • Lightweight and foldable design
  • Adjustable seat, chest pads, headrest, face pillow, etc.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Durable aluminum frame
  • Versatile positioning
  • It’s a bit costly
  • No massage programs

5. OOTORI N500Pro Massage Chair

The Ootori boasts of a premium heater and allows for adjustment to any precise level to get the best deep massaging. When you sit on this device, you’ll enjoy a new massaging experience that you wouldn’t have imagined. From heat therapy for your lower back and foot application, you’ll also access eight massage rollers, plus Shiatsu, Kneading, and sixteen airbags located at the calves, arms, shoulder, hips, and footrest, helping to relieve stress and fatigue. The OOtori is also designed to provide zero gravity massage, which helps to lessen the pressure that often acts on the spine and joint. Also, the zero gravity can be reclined to any comfortable angle and set to a fixed position. If you want a massage chair for office use, reading, or watching Television, the reclining characteristics of this OOtori make it possible. It also comes with a remote that allows you to customize the various settings just by pressing the button. Top of the offer comes with a three-year warranty of different levels, which is detailed in the manual. If after purchasing it and not satisfied with its performance, the manufacturer promises a refund under specific terms and conditions.   

  • Full body airbag massage
  • Perfect choice for taller individuals
  • You can time your session using the auto mode
  • Consume less electricity
  • Anti-wear and aging resistance leather
  • Increase blood circulation while reducing pain, thanks to the heat function.
  • It cannot hold weight more than 242.5 lbs
  • Assembly of some minor parts required
  • For shorter people, this might not be a good choice.

6. SMAGREHO Massage Chair Recliner

If you’re looking for a massage chair for body relaxation from work, learning, driving, sitting, or entertainment fatigue, etc., this product from the Smagreho promises high expectations. This chair is a good recommendation for any age category, also including the elderly. Therefore, it’s a perfect gift item to present to a friend, aged parents, or loved one as the case may be. The ergonomic reclining movement offers maximum feel and comfort as you undergo your massage therapy. A single press of a button activates zero gravity and, when you recline, places your feet higher than your heart level, thereby reducing pressure on the heart. With this device, you’ll be able to apply heat massage, back massage rollers, access six preset automatic modes, choose a preferred massage mode and do more and achieve more while enjoying an overwhelming massage experience.  

  • Enjoy airbags:

The ability for the SMA to offer full body massage is made possible through the airbags the maker places in strategic areas such as the buttocks, shoulders, arms, legs, and the feet region, helping to minimize tension and soothing stress muscles as it inflates and deflates. It also includes eight massage back rollers balls at the backrest, moving up and down to massage your back and waist region.  

  • Listen to music:

The experience is beyond body treatment but also extends to listening to songs while undergoing massage. And this is possible via Bluetooth technology that allows connecting to mobile phones or Bluetooth devices.

  • Expandable footrest:

The ability for the footrest to be extended up to 5 inches makes it ideal for various height individuals to use the SMAGREHO. When this chair is stretched, it occupies up to the 71-inch length.  

  • Full body massage
  • Relax feeling and comfort
  • Heat therapy massage
  • Ideal for elderly (any class of age)
  • Durable leather material
  • Caster wheels make transporting and positioning easy
  • Expensive
  • Require assembly

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a good massage chair?

A. The quality of a good massage chair depends on the features you might be needing. As you’ve seen so far from the review section, that each of the products has one thing that distinguishes them and as such, preference may set in. Therefore, if you’re able to find a massage chair that has the features you want, then we can say that’s a good product. 

Q. What’s the best massage chair to buy? 

Sometimes, the decision to know which one to buy is a function of your expectation. Comparing various products, reading reviews on each, checking customer feedback, and star rating are essential things that can help you determine and choose wisely. Note that a product with long years of warranty, let’s say up to 2 or 3 years, is a mark of good quality that the manufacturer is confident on their products. Also, a good massage chair offers the best value for the money. 

Q. How much does a massage chair cost? 

A. A sophisticated massage chair can be expensive, but they promise top and unique features you won’t find in cheaper ones. If it is not too costly, under 4000 dollars, you will find a higher end grade product while with at least a fee of $400, every day fairly price massage chair can be bought. However, a high price doesn’t mean a particular unit will deliver the best result sometimes, so endeavor to do your research properly before investing. 


There are thousands of massage chairs in the market, each with distinctive characteristics, making one differ from the other. If you want to go by the tons of them, arriving at the unit would prove difficult, and that’s why experts like us who have in-depth knowledge on massage therapy and the right tools to use are here to share information and enlighten you to avoid the mistake of wrong purchase. Therefore, in our best massage chair consumer reports, the only way to arrive at the best is to read the provided reviews and compare the items. This way, you’ll be able to size and weigh all of them properly to arrive at a possible choice.