6 of the best crawl space dehumidifier consumer reports

Considering a crawl space dehumidifier is not the first step to take if you have a high moisture challenge in your property. Often, homeowners mount and install a dehumidifier, yet high humidity levels remain the same. The primary thing to do is to identify the cause of moisture before knowing the approach to take. If your crawl is appropriately insulated and water is still building up, a dehumidifier should be your next option at this junction. This will help tackle molds, mildew, and bacteria that grow in humid environments. In this article, people will learn how to identify which crawl space dehumidifier is best for them. In addition, the review section showcases the top 5 picks of products.

6 of the best crawl space dehumidifier reviews

1. ALORAIR Commercial Dehumidifier

5 Best crawl space dehumidifier consumer reports

If we are to size by price, this product is relatively cheap in this listing. People will get it as low as $799.11, whereas competitors will go as high as a thousand dollars. It is primarily relevant and robustly designed to restore water-damaged areas such as crawl spaces, basements, etc. 

Our likes

Pint capacity If your property is excessively wet, this unit’s 180 pints per day moisture extraction capacity will dry out your space faster. 

  • Coverage 

The Alorair covers extensively in large areas up to 2,300 square feet. Even most crawl space dimension is smaller compared to the coverage.

  • Built-in pump 

Dumping water close to your house foundation can damage the building; as such, the pump ensures that condensation is left far away.

  • Compact design 

People whose facility lacks space don’t need to worry. This Alorair model is space-saving with an overall dimension of 22.8×13.7×17.3 inches (L×W×H). 

Other features 

  • Auto shut off 
  • Automatic defrost 
  • ETL safety approval
  • 19.6 ft long drain hose
  • Five years warranty  

Our dislike 

  • Heavyweight 

For people not used to lifting heavy objects, this Alorair may be the wrong choice as it weighs up to 70.5 pounds. This machine isn’t portable at all. 

  • Poor Packing 

A customer reports low-quality finishing, which may affect its durability and years of use.  

  • Quite noisy 

The Alorair noise level may be a problem instead of a solution for homeowners whose bedrooms are closer to their crawling areas.

2. ALORAIR Basement 198

ALORAIR Basement 198

This Alorair model is superior to the previous one in terms of the number of pints it removes per day and the coverage area. It is also energy star certified. Therefore, people will pay fewer energy bills while dehumidifying for hours. 

Our likes 

Automatic operations ALORAIR has a humidistat that enables it to monitor moisture levels. Once it is on the high side, it automatically protects your environment and turns off when the humidity drops.  

  • Auto Defrost 

If you live in very low temperate prone areas, the auto defrost function will help protect your device by defrosting the building up of condensation on the coil. 

  • Memory Restarts 

If power is interrupted and restored, Alorair will not lose the previous settings; instead, it will continue where it started. As such, no new settings are required. 

  • Heavy-Duty Condensation Pump

The heavy-duty pump is suitable for people who want to remove a large amount of water. The pump keeps the Alorair running effortlessly and efficiently. 

  • Temperature and Humidity 

This dehumidifier can operate in extreme temp range of 33.8 – 100 degrees Fahrenheit and excessive humidity levels of 36 – 90 percent. 

Other features 

  • It removes 198 pints daily
  • Air Flow: 210 CFM, 350 CMH 
  • It has a coverage capacity of 2,600 sq. ft.
  • Adjustable feet  
  • It comes with a remote control 
  • Lengthy warranty window of 5 years  

Our dislike 

  • Expensive 

If you’re not willing to spend much, this dehumidifier is not for you. People will spend up to $1,000, which is a whopping budget. 

  • Drain hose

It doesn’t come with a drain hose. People need to purchase this separately at extra cost. 

  • Other complaints 

Some customers report that it doesn’t last long, while others said it didn’t come with a manual. People should take note of all these upfront decisions. 



If your crawl space is not too large and you want a dehumidifier that can also be used for the basement, this Alorair is worth checking. It is for an area of 1,300 square feet dimension and weighs only 56.4 pounds which is lighter than the previous brothers. People can quickly move it to drain their crawl or basement effortlessly. Even the price is more reasonable. 

Our likes 

  • Built-In Humidity Sensor

If you want to maintain accurate humidity in your crawl space, a dehumidifier featuring a humidity sensor is what you need it. You can set the range between 30% – 90%. The Alorair will intelligently sense humidity and control itself. 

  • MERV-8 Filter

Dust is one of the things that damage the internal component of most dehumidifiers. The Merv 8 filter in this device protects it from this problem for years of use. 

  • Auto-Diagnosis System

This functionality helps people to know if there is anything wrong with the appliance. You will see the troubleshooting error code. 

  • Adjustable handle and feet 

People can adjust the handle and feet for easy transporting around the house. 

Other features 

  • 120ppd 
  • C-ETL listed
  • 1,300 sq. ft coverage 
  • Auto restart 
  • It works in low temperature 
  • Five years warranty 

Our dislikes 

  • No pump 

It doesn’t feature a pump that could make operation efficient. Besides, condensation cannot be dumped far from your structure due to a lack of pumping force. 

  • Drain hose 

No continuous drain hose is included; it requires a separate purchase. 

  • Noise Levels

The complaint was about the level of noise it creates. You may need to think otherwise if your underneath space is closer to your bedroom. 

4. AprilAire E070 Pro

AprilAire E070 Pro

If you love the Aprilaire brand, the E070 Pro is well-built to drain up to 70 pints from a large crawl space. The interface is easy to access, making set-up and operation a breeze. 

While it lacks an auto defrost function, the company built it with a corrosive-resistant aluminum coil that prevents it from being affected by moisture. It is also made to last, so choosing a reputable brand is wise. 

Our likes 

Compact The design fits tight space. It measures only 2.5″ x 12.5″ x 25″ and struggles to take through most crawl space doors won’t experience. 

  • Built to Last 

Aprilaire is renowned for its high-quality products. Their expertise is what they engineered into the Pro. The Pro is built for long years of use with a rust-free aluminum coil and body.  

  • External Testing Certification

This dehumidifier has received certification from two different bodies: ETL Listed and UL Certified. So, people will get a product that has undergone testing by a registered body. 

Other specs 

  • Drain hose 
  • 8-inch Outlet Duct Collar
  • Made in the USA 
  • Owner’s manual and installation manual
  • Five years warranty 

Our dislikes 

  • Cost 

It is costly compared to most competitive units. The price is close to that of the Alorair 198 ppd model. 

  • Warranty Policy  

Most products from Aprilaire require professional installation for people to access their warranty; if not doing it yourself leads to voidness.

5. AprilAire E080 Pro

AprilAire E080 Pro

While the Aprilaire E070 Pro can extract 70pts a day, this senior brother can output 80pts. It also features a higher coverage capacity. Weighing these specs, people who want to drain a larger crawl size of 4,000 – 4,400 square feet can opt for it. However, it requires a higher budget. So, what makes this dehumidifier so unique? Let’s find out.

Our likes

  • Set and forget 

Most dehumidifiers require monitoring, but the E80 pro is not like that. It has a humidistat that regulates humidity levels. 

  • No messy water  

Once you install the drain hose correctly, water won’t mess up your floor.

  • Durability   

One aspect customer likes about the device is the solid construction. It features aluminum coils.  

  • Warranty 

Since dehumidifiers are a considerable investment, security is one of the specs people should check before making that decision. This product comes with five years warranty. 

Our dislikes 

  • Cost and installation 

It is expensive and requires professional installation, which will double the cost. 

6. Dri-Eaz 1200 Commercial Dehumidifier

Dri-Eaz 1200 Commercial Dehumidifier

If your crawl space is vast and you want a dehumidifier to use in different corners, the Dri-Eaz 1200 meets this design. It comes with high wheels for easy transport. The directional handles also make it for people to pull it effortlessly. Not all crawl space dehumidifiers can extract up to 18 gallons per day, but the Dri company has a broke history with this product. Mind you, this is out of the competition with the low-quality product. It is made to last with rotomolded materials. What else?

Our likes 

Hot gas defrosting Sure, many rival units can defrost when condensation pile up in their coil, but Dri=Eaz is in the next realm of defrosting. It features hot gas defrosting, which protects the coil better than ordinary defrosting counterparts. 

  • Rugged Housing 

A high humidity-prone environment can quickly destroy dehumidifiers designed with low materials, but the situation is different for the Dri 1200. This dehumidifying device is constructed with rotomolded materials that last long. 

  • Application  

Since it has wheels, people can use it in different areas, such as commercial or industrial sectors. For instance, in a garage, construction site, warehouse, school, etc. 

  • Assembly required? 

No, people don’t need to install this device because it comes fully assembled. 

Other specs 

  • UL certified 
  • It has a pump 
  • 145 pints a day  
  • Low maintenance 
  • 3M HAF Filter included 
  • It can run at a temperature of 33 – 100 degrees

Our dislikes 

  • Heaviness 

People who dislike pulling heavy objects won’t find this unit easy to transport because of how heavy it is. Its overall weight is 80 pounds. 

  • Filter replacement 

The filter needs to be replaced yearly, which seems to add to the maintenance cost. 

What Are The Things To Consider When Picking The Best Crawl Space Dehumidifier?

Under high humidity levels, your crawl space will be dirt and unattractive. Molds, mildew, bacteria, and rodents can inhabit the wet condition of your underground space. House owners can save themselves from these issues by installing a crawl space dehumidifier which is one of the best ways to keep it in good condition.

From different blogs, you might see many best crawl space dehumidifiers with their pros and cons. For a beginner, it can be overwhelming and confusing for the one to buy. If you find yourselves in this situation, these guidelines are for choosing the best one. 

  • Temperature range 

Different dehumidifiers are designed to run at different temperature levels. Based on this, people should pick a dehumidifier that can work in the prevalent condition of their crawl space.  

  • Dehumidify capacity 

A dehumidifier capacity is usually measured in pints, which tells you the amount of moisture a particular unit can remove daily. Smaller crawls, like 1000 square feet maximum, may require a unit of 90 pints, but for large crawls, people should look for a higher capacity. 

  • Square Feet Coverage 

The sq. ft. coverage is one most vital criterion. This indicates whether a particular dehumidifier will work optimally in a specific space. For instance, you cannot buy a dehumidifier of 2000 sq. ft. and mount it in an area of 3,000 sq. ft. It won’t perform to optimal.

  • Restart function 

Your crawl is an area you enter only sometimes. People hardly visit it. A dehumidifier that restarts when power is interrupted can save from the stress of going to turn it on when light is restored—even the advanced model resume with previous settings.  

  • Defrost function 

Due to the enclosed design of a crawl space, it is usually cold, and sometimes the temperature can drop while humidity increases. A dehumidifier with defrost function can help protect the device from moisture gathering on the coil. This is another thing to consider when shopping for the best crawl space dehumidifier. 

  • Energy star 

Heating and cooling bills can suddenly increase after installing heating systems that are not energy rated. You can buy a dehumidifier with an energy star label. 

  • Inbuilt Pump 

To drain condensation far from your building foundation or through a gravity area, the best dehumidifier to pick is one with a pump. You must hook a continuous drain hose to the outlet and channel it to drainage. 

  • Noise levels 

Remember to check out the noise level. The best dehumidifier for the crawl space should be fine with your night’s rest, especially if your bedroom is near your crawl. Look for a unit with a low noise decibel rating.


If protecting your crawl from excessive humidity is one of your biggest challenges. You don’t have to worry. Suppose you have done encapsulation and insulation and still seeing those ugliness molds, stains on the wall, mildew, and bacteria footprints. In that case, it is high time you mount a dehumidifier to fight these allergens. I know you’ve read through the best crawl space dehumidifier and believe you’re now familiar with the nitty gritty of knowing the one that falls into your coverage space concerning other necessary features needed for smooth operation. Hire a professional for the installation for those unfamiliar with doing it yourself.