The Best Cavitation Machines For  Body Sculpting & Fat Burning

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Getting rid of that stubborn fat from your waistline, belly, thigh, and back required exercise. Regardless of the workout, if you are still not seeing any significant results, using the best cavitation machine can help eradicate that fat you’ve been so pained to get rid of. Cavitation machines are ultrasonic devices that use heat and sound waves to reduce cellulite and are non-invasive. 

Dr. Hadley Kings, a New York-based dermatologist, says cavitation machines use an electrode to produce thermal energy targeted to the skin. This procedure thus leads to improved circulation, reduces inflammation, heats the oil-producing gland (sebaceous), and helps destroy bacteria that contribute to acne.  

Further studies also say these devices help to detect fat and also help in reducing the circumference of your waist and also benefit the skin inclusive [1][2][3]. The best cavitation machine is portable and offers conveniences for at-home uses comfortably. If you’re looking forward to buying one today, this guide features the best models in the market, and the comparison chart below will help you differentiate them.   

Our Top SuggestionsCheck Price
1. Sl-imm-ing Machine for Body Face and Skin Beauty
2. Ovovo 5-in-1 40Khz Multipolar for Body Cellulite
3. CTLNHA Machine for Body & Face Caring
4. Airblasters Cavitation Machine-CAV

5. IXAER Body Shaper and Slimming Device
6. 9 in 1 Beauty Machine for Face, Skin and Body Care
7. RUTAWZ 5 in 1 Beauty Machine

Top 5 Best Cavitation Machine Reviews

1. Sl-imm-ing V-acuum Machine for Body Face and Skin Beauty

Sl-imm-ing is suitable for exterminating fat in almost part of the body. You can use it on the belly, arms, waist, hip, back, and upper legs. It is Ideal for fat burning, skin tightening, slimming, lifting, whitening and lighting. For a guaranteed result, the V-acuum should be used once or twice a week for 15 minutes. It will help if you read the manual booklet on how to use this cavitation machine effectively. The manufacturer recommends this device for both home use and beauty salon spa centers. 

Body Sl-imm-ing V-acuum Machine,Body Face Skin...
  • Fit for the following...
  • We provide one year...
  • Jlanzw


  • 5 x Head
  • 6 x Big Pad
  • 2 x Small Pad
  • 2 x Holders for Light Pad
  • 1 x Head Holder
  • 1 x Belt
  • 1 x Power Plug  


  • It comes with 40k head
  • Has multipolar rf technology 


  • Pricey 
  • Some users had complained. Ensure to read the reviewer section. 


2. Ovovo 5-in-1 40Khz Multipolar Machine for Body Cellulite

This 40k cavitation machine is from the Ovovo brand. Its function includes body cellulite decomposition and facial skin lifting. It comes with different massaging heads that enable you to target various body parts, including curve areas. While the device burns fat, it also promotes metabolism in the body and increases skin elasticity. Notably, the probe for the face smoothen fine line and shrink ouches and pores, giving you relaxing eyes. Women looking for a fat removal solution to remain in figure six can check this Ovovo radio frequency machine. 


  • Number of heads: 6 
  • Power cord 
  • Manual 


  • Easy to use
  • Deliver results 
  • Safe to use 
  • Portable 
  • Body shaper
  • Great for weight loss 
  • Best for all skin types  


  • It is expensive 


3. CTLNHA Machine for Body & Face Caring

This is a multifunctional machine for body and face caring. With this machine, you will not only break down cellulite for a shaped body but also treat wrinkles, rejuvenate dark circles, and eye bag removal. In addition, it serves as tightening and skin lifting, a stress reliever, and fatigue and promotes metabolism.   

CTLNHA 6 in 1 Body Machine for Body & Face Caring,...
  • Multifunctional Face &...
  • 6 In 1 Body Machine: This...
  • Body M-assa-ge:...
  • Easy to Use: It is...
  • This machine can be used...


  • Number of heads: 6
  • Patches: 6              
  • Application: body and face 


  • Safe and comfortable 
  • Easy to operate 
  • Target specific parts of your body 


  • To use it outside, USA you need an adapter or converter  


4. Airblasters Cavitation Machine-CAV

The small size of this device is not a disadvantage that it doesn’t deliver the required fat-burning result. Tested and proven to decrease cellulite while giving users a better look and shape in different parts of the body. The application area includes the arms, waist, thighs, abdomen, buttocks, and back. It works with a favorable heat effect that’s comfortable to the skin and safe for use. 

Airblasters Cavitation Machine-CAV
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  • The small size is not...


  • Head: single head 


  • Portable 
  • Good to travel with 
  • Effective results 
  • Low price 


  • Lack 40k head 
  • Single head device 
  • It needs to be used alongside gel. 


5. IXAER Body Shaper and Slimming Device

Suppose you want to break down stubborn fat faster with effective results; using the IXAER is a solution. The operation of this device breaks fat into liquid form without surrounding tissues being affected. It is a 7 -in-one body machine; it comes with seven different heads for various functions and body parts applications. No discomfort is to be experienced during and after the treatment procedure. When a proper and correct routine is followed, within 30 days, visible results begin to show. Consult the manual on how to utilize this device accordingly. 

IXAER 7 in 1 Body Shaper Machine Face & Body...
  • ❤️【It breaks your...
  • ❤️【It can be used...
  • ❤️【During and after...
  • ❤️【Comes with...
  • ❤️【You will see the...


  • Number of heads: 7
  • Application: All body parts
  • Voltage: 110v’220v


  • No discomfort 
  • Safe procedure 
  • Dissolve fat into liquid 
  • Visible results within a month 


  • It is expensive 
  • Not as portable as the previous 


6. 9 in 1 Beauty Machine for Face, Skin and Body Care

Body slimming is a modern culture among women, especially for the obese. Suppose you find yourself in this category or what to get a better shape, trying the Beyirey machine is helpful. The skin care device is for both home and salon SPA use. The 9-in-one body sculpting machine is of high safety with low energy and effectively reduces fat. Users can regulate the intensity level to meet personal comfort before using this treatment. It’s best to rub gel or serum oil. You can massage your various body parts such as your waistline, arms, legs, belly, abdomen, and hips region. 

9 in 1 Multifunctional Body Machine Skin Care...
  • ✅This machine can be...
  • ✅Equipped with 5...
  • ✅ It come with...
  • ✅ Before use it, please...
  • ✅1-Year warranty for...


  • Number of heads: 6
  • Usage: 10-minute use and should be used one time a day 


  • Different heads available 
  • Easy and safe to use 
  • It has 40k head 
  • Home and SPA use


  • It is costly 
  • Bulky 


7. RUTAWZ 5 in 1 Beauty Machine

This one isn’t different from the previous cavitation machine, except featuring three bipolar heads that are suitable to apply around the eyes. Also, it included a professional massage probe which you can select from to meet your treatment and body shaping demands. It is a perfect choice for a spa salon and home use fat decomposer machine. 

CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme VR Gaming PC, Intel Core...
  • System: Intel Core...
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce...
  • Connectivity: 6 x USB 3.1...
  • Special feature: Liquid...
  • 1 year parts & labor |...


  • No of probe:5
  • Price: $289
  • Application: body and face 


  • Cheap
  • Easy to use
  • Deliver results within a short period of use 


  • Few probe 


What Is an Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine?

What Is an Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine?

An ultrasonic cavitation machine is a device that breaks down fat in the body. It is a non-invasive way of reducing cellulite or localizing fat from the body. You can use a machine to eliminate fat in body areas such as the face, upper arms, belly, leg, glutes, waist, and thighs. It is the pressure exerted on the body that breaks down fat cells. The good news, the liquid fat cells are naturally passed out as waste through urination. You’ll remove excessive fat when this treatment is used with other weight loss programs. The device is pain-free as its non-surgical method. 

How does it work? 

When the device targets the treatment area, the machine will send ultrasonic waves 5Mhz or 40Khz frequency to heat fat cells, leading to bubbles that break fatty cells. The liquid cells go to the lymphatic system or the intestine for draining. Generally, an ultrasonic fat-breaking procedure takes about 15 – 45 minutes, and most manufacturers say their machine should be used once a week. 

The Benefits Of Cavitation Machines

  • For whole body and spot reduction 

The best cavitation machine can be target to any part of the body where you want excess fat reduced. You can apply it to a larger area such as the thighs, legs, arms, buttocks, neck, shoulders, and back. It can also be used on the face, such as the eyes and chin.

  • No surgical scars 

Unlike surgical operations like liposuction, ultrasonic cavitation device doesn’t involve invasive techniques. This means no skin cuts, blood, scars, bandages, or anesthesia is involved, making it one of the safest ways for fat reduction or treatment. 

  • Painless beauty process 

You’ll not feel any pain or discomfort during and after cavitation treatment—instead, a mid-sensation on your skin.

  • Effective and fast results 

Though results differ from a person, some people begin to notice differences within the first treatment, while others may be after 2 – 3 treatment sessions. However, it may take you six to twelve sessions to see an anticipated outcome. 

  • Chemical-free method 

Since cavitation machines use ultrasonic wave vibration to break body fat cells into liquid form, the waste is drained through the lymphatic system, devoid of any chemical substance harmful to the body. 

  • Fast procedure 

Using a cavitation machine for body sculpting is a quick and fast procedure. It requires less than 60 minutes time frame, dependent on the manufacturer’s directives.  

  • Easy-free procedure

Cavitation remedy is a straightforward procedure. All you need is to massage the concerned area with the machine for about 15 minutes once a week for (10 -12) sessions. This therapy is suitable for almost all body types and parts and requires less effort. But in the course of treatment, you’ll need enough water intake, a balanced diet, and engage in adequate exercise repetitive to uphold the effect. 

How To Use A Cavitation Ultrasonic Machine?

  • Apply gel: first, rub an ultrasonic gel to form a thick layer between your skin and the cavitation machine.  
  • Switch on the power button: locate the power button on the device and turn it on to start the treatment. 
  • Choose and set desired features: every cavitation machine has various features that require settings to meet your command. Features like infrared, sonic, and EMS can also be set. You can program the timer and intensity levels as well. With the help of the manual, you should find your way on how to go about the various feature’s usage and settings. 
  • Start to massage the area: massage the desired location in a sliding or circular manner. Ensure to cover the entire area extensively. 
  • Adjust the intensity level: Follow the instruction manual to change the intensity level to a comfortable range. 
  • The number of times to use per week: some manufacturers said once per week for at least 15 minutes duration, others opinion differs. Following this perception, check your device manual to know how frequently you can use your cavitation machine.    

Cavitation Machine Before and After Treatment

before and after caviation tratement
before and after caviation tratement
before and after caviation tratement

You’ll start seeing promising results before and after use. It can take up to 1 month to start seeing changes, but this will also depend on how you maintain your health and body. Below are some tips for keeping your body after using an ultrasonic RF machine. 

How To Maintain Weight Loss After Cavitation Treatment?

Visible results can be observed after a few uses. However, it varies from person to person depending on how you take care of your body. Below are some of the practical ways to maintain your body correctly during ultrasonic cavitation treatment:

  • Adequate intake of water. At least 7 – 8 glasses daily  
  • Abstain from coffee, alcohol, tea containing sugar, milk, package or processed food, and aerated beverages.  
  • Only eat low-carb, healthy food during and after treatment.
  • Consult your medical adviser and practice recurrent fasting to keep the body fit. 
  • Engage in exercise at least five hours per week, such as three cardio training using exercise bikes and two days of strength training with treadmills
  • Do not neglect your sleep. Make sure to sleep up to 6 – 7 hours. This will revive the body system. 

Apart from the multiple probes, several features make up a cavitation machine. These features are discussed below for you to understand.

Things To Study Before Buying Cavitation Machine?

  • Features

Standard features such as TENS/EMS massager, 3D RF, color LED’s, hand gloves, eyes, facial probes, and other accessories are seen in the most expensive cavitation machines. However, not all devices come with these features, so you need to look for the one that has the required specification desired. 

  • Treatment duration 

Treatment timing differs from one device to another. Some take 15 minutes while others take up to 30 minutes. Also, check out the usage limit per day or week. Most cavitation machines are built to be used once or twice weekly, while some can be an everyday routine. 

  • RF

The abbreviation RF refers to radio frequency. The rf is one of the most relevant features to be on the lookout for when buying a cavitation machine. It determines how powerful the device is. The higher the rf, the higher the intensity to access your treatment. A 7-in-one model has a powerful RF compared to the small-sized models. If you are seeking a quicker result, a cavitation machine of higher rf is what you should consider – it will tone and slim-down fat areas in just a few applications.  

  • Size 

These devices come in different sizes. There are small-sized, portable models, 5-in-1 cavitation machines, etc. the bigger the machine, the higher the price. The bottom line, pick a device that meets your eventual demand. 

  • Intensity levels 

Irrespective of the tapping, kneading, and massaging technique a particular machine possesses. The intensity level is one of the relevant functions not to overlook. Choosing a device with up to 5 ultrasonic intensity settings gives you an edge, selecting a specific range that is best for your treatment. The intensity level is associated with EMS and is often seen in massaging tools like massage chairs and others.

  • How safe?

Though cavitation devices are safe since they do not involve cutting the skin or using chemicals, it is still wise to check the safety information provided by the manufacturer. Nevertheless, automatic shut-off timer and heat regulation functions are some essential things to check. Buying from a reputable brand also guarantees you of getting high-quality products of high safety. 

  • Heat regulation 

The ability to regulate the heat the device emits will prevent burns and inflammation because the warmth will spread instead of concentrating in one place.  

  • Gel 

Findings show that most ultrasonic sculpting machines are used alongside gel. Therefore, you need to check if the prospective one you’re targeting support gel. The essence of the gel is to enable the device to function efficiently on the skin. 

  • User manual 

Cavitation machines require adequate knowledge for practical use. Therefore, you’ll need the instruction manual to help you understand the relevant features and functions of each to maximize the benefits of ultrasonic fat body sculpting treatment. 

  • Warranty 

It makes sense that you buy a product that’s backup with a warranty. Because it will give you peace of mind and assurance, you got a high-quality product that’ll last longer. You can replace or service defective parts within the warranty window period while the company handles the cost.

  • Price

High-end cavitation machines with sophisticated tools and special features are more expensive than usual. Therefore, evaluating your need and budget will help you make a friendly purchase. 

You might have come across 7-in-1,5-in-1 or 3-in-1 RF machines on amazon, eBay, Walmart, houseandbeyond website, etc. These are the different types of ultrasonic cavitation machines available in the marketplace. Read to understand them below.

Types Of Cavitation Machines

  • Ultrasonic cavitation machine 

These are the most popular types of cavitation machines among beauticians and dermatologists. They use high intensity ranging from (2 -7) MHz pulses to deliver vibration through their stainless-steel probes. When the probe’s head is placed on the target area, it heats the spot to reduce the fat. You can regulate the frequency of the intensity of this kind of ultrasonic machine to low speed for sensitive skin while high for denser skin areas. (4) (5)

  • RF (Radio Frequency Machine) 

RF devices emit 3-34 GHz frequencies. The radiation produced by these devices heats the skin layer (dermis), and the objective is to tighten your skin, refresh, renew collagen, eradicate wrinkles, and reduce cellulite. (6) A radio frequency device also helps improve skin texture and appearance – making you look younger. Radiofrequency cavitation machines are of 3 types:

  1. Bipolar RF Devices: These are ideal for face wrinkles, sagging, and lifting. 
  2. Tripolar RF devices: These are used for treating delicate skin areas around the eyes.
  3. Hexapolar RF Devices: for treating thick skin areas and fat removal.
  • Infrared (IR) Light 

These types of cavitation machines use infrared lights. The infrared heat generated by the device penetrates the skin deeply to target cellulite tissues while breaking them down (7). Infrared heat promotes blood circulation and helps the body get well and heal faster from injury. 

  • Electronic Muscle Stimulator (EMS)

Most massaging devices are built with EMS because they help stimulate muscle contraction. They use low-frequency electrical impulses and an electronic pad that can be placed in any body part to massage such an area. The benefits of EMS are that it helps tone the body and improves circulation and sculpting. 

The Categories of Cavitation Machines

  • 20k cavitation machine: these are the first generation; they are limited in stock in the market.
  • 30k cavitation machine: this one falls into the 3rd generation with high RF and is still available in the marketplace.
  • 40k cavitation machine: these are the latest models, and very powerful to break down stubborn fat but are very expensive.
  • 25k cavitation machine: this belongs to the 2nd generation, more potent than the earlier generations

Let’s answer some of the questions many have been asking;

How Safe Are Ultrasonic Cavitation Machines?

Even though ultrasonic cavitation therapy is pain-free, as no surgical cut is involved, there are chances of hurting yourself when you overuse the device. When you exceed the expected treatment duration, such as what’s supposed to be 15 – 20 minutes session, the radio frequency heat may burn you. To avoid burns and redness while maintaining the highest safety standards, stick to the time specified on the user manual. 

Who may use the cavitation machine?

Scientists recommend this device for healthy people who want to reduce stubborn fat between up to 50 pounds. You’ll find it helpful to get rid of stubborn fat around your legs, thighs, waistline, belly, and upper arms. Also, one of the best options for body toning areas secreted with fat is if you don’t want to undergo surgery or liposuction that involves cutting your skin. Cavitation machines are not adequate for obese conditions. 

Who Should Not Use A Cavitation Machine?
  • Little children (minors)
  • Menstruating women and ladies 
  • Pregnant and breasting-feeding women
  • Those with sensitive skin 
  • Those with a metal implant 
  • Individual with scars 
  • Individuals with a weak immune system
  • Cancer patient 
  • It is not for individuals with skin problems, such as burns allergies, anticoagulant disorder, etc.  
  • People with cardiac diseases, diabetes, skin cancer, hypertension, liver issues, epilepsy, and tumors (malignant growths).    

Pros and Cons of Non-Invasive Fat Removal (Cavitation machine) Method


  • No expensive 
  • Quick procedure
  • Do-it-yourself method 
  • Anesthesia is not needed
  • No surgical cut or scars 
  • Few side effects on the correct use 
  • Long-lasting results, if a healthy lifestyle is maintained


  • Unlike the invasive method, lesser fat is loss 
  • It may not be effective for those having excessive weight to loss 
  • The non-invasive method requires combining with other weight loss programs for effective results
  • You can’t know or track the amount of weight loss at each treatment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to use the cavitation machine effectively for face tightening?

A.  To start face tightening using an ultrasonic cavitation machine. First, rub gel oil on the area to remove the fat. Insert the slimmer attachment head into the machine and switch it on. Choose the desired intensity. You can start from a lower frequency and then massage the area with the device for about 15 – 30 minutes. Repeat the process twice a week. 

Q. How often can I use RF (radio frequency machine)?

A. 2 times a week is widely accepted by most manufacturers and used for at least 10 minutes per session. It is best to consult the manual instruction for accurate usage. 

Q. Does the cavitation machine work?

A. The device works because there are testimonials from users. However, to see visible results depends on how you use the machine, eating a healthy diet that’s protein-free, possibly eating a carb or fiber food, and engaging in aerobic and strength exercise regularly. 

Q. Does body sculpting work

A. Sculpting is the act of removing excess fat using an ultrasonic machine, and it has been proven to work owing to user reviews. Some of these people have lost up to 50 pounds. However, the key to getting results is maintaining healthy dies, regular exercise, and undergoing treatment 10 minutes per session and twice a week. Suppose done consistently for one month; you’ll see good results.